Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Lawlessness and Love

I was listening to someone ranting about the state of our country and the reasons Nelson Mandela was first put on trial. They were not very complimentary and there was quite a lot of angst mixed in with everything being said. The scripture that came to mind was about how as lawlessness spreads so man's love for one another will grow cold and, of course, being the type of man I am, out it came with the addition of my own words, "I don't want my love for others to grow cold."
The person who had been ranting and getting quite upset sat up, closed their computer and just looked at me before admitting that they did not want their love to grow cold either. Just a few simple words and everything changes.
With the passing of Nelson Mandela South African politicians are climbing on the band wagon and trying to score brownie points for the up-coming election. His family are fighting over the rights to the Mandela brand name and there is a lot of racist rhetoric. How sad that in this country love and forgiveness have died with Mandela, I can't imagine Mandela being too happy.
Anyway, I'm not a politician, just an ordinary citizen trying to keep his head down and get on with the job. God has indeed come to the aid of the oppressed and downtrodden and brought him to honour, just as He said He would. Reign on oh Lord, we love you and give you thanks.


  1. Wow what a touching post.

    I must say that I'm watching events with interest, but oddly, what I've seen so far has made me a lot more optimistic than I'd expected. :-/