24 September 2013

On The Road Again

If all goes according to plan, I'll be leaving Cape Town tomorrow morning by car. God willing, 16 odd hours  later, I'll be in Johannesburg ready to start looking for a new home. I would like to be completely moved by the end of October (ish). Once I've found a suitable place to stay I'll sent the truck down. Hopefully fairly soon.
For the past number of years I've been living a very unsettled life, there was a period of about 4 years when I had no job, no car and no income, very unsettling. I'd say over the past two odd years all of that has changed and other unsettling things have started. I have a job now, I have a car and I have a good income but, I've been working in Johannesburg and leaving my home and animals uncared for. When I am away what happens is I start to long for home and I miss the animals plenty. I'm not so worried about the animals being fed, I'm more concerned about their other needs such as grooming and love. I'm trusting that all that is about to change.
Oh by the way, blogging can be very difficult when you are unsettled, well I find it difficult, but not for everyone and not always. Some bloggers live very unsettled lives and have found that spending time blogging was the one stable thing in their lives, like me at times.
Next post will come from Johannesburg. Blessings to everyone, Geoff.


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  2. Just checking in to see if there are any updates... I hope things are going well and you've found a place to land.

  3. Geoff, my man! How's it going?? Let us all know!