Friday, August 02, 2013

Love Letter

This is a copy of the letter written to my mother by my father and read to her at their wedding on the seventh of January 1950.

My Darling,
In my own words I can say nothing that would be appropriate. This is what I would like to express.
 And now I see with eyes serene
  the very pulse of the machine;
  A being breathing thoughtful breath,
  A traveler between life and death:
  The reason firm, the temperate will,
  Endurance, foresight, strength and skill,
   A perfect woman, nobly planned
   to warm, to comfort and command:
   and yet a spirit still, and bright
   with something of an angelic light.

This my sweet, is the way I'll always remember you. Life holds many sorrows for us. I know you will be with me in my disappointments and make them as few as possible. Together we will overcome all these with the friendship and love we have known. I only hope that I can make a husband as good as you will make a wife.
James White Maritz to Marjorie Keith Maritz, (Lyon).

(The last portion of  the poem, "She was a phantom of delight"
written by William Wordsworth in about 1804.)
You know, I never once, in all the time I spent with my parents, ever saw them argue or even get upset with each other. I never once hears either one of them ever swear or curse. I think the worst I ever heard my father speak out against circumstances was when he exclaimed, "Damn, blast and bloody hell," when he found out he had cancer and was dying in 1975.
I, unfortunately, have not been as blessed in this area of my life. If I were to have a wife, I would like someone just like my mother. And if I were to be a husband, I would like to be just like my father. They were, to me, an example of matrimonial love and harmony I would like to have emulated.
May the Lord bless both my father and my mother forever in eternity and may he bring the business of matrimonial disharmony to a complete end. This I ask in the Holy name of Jesus.


  1. Your parents had a very special love. I think the previous generation was less self-centered, therefore, more able to persevere through the tough times that happen in life--in marriage. Thanks for sharing a beautiful love story.

  2. Wow, after going through my parents' relationship, I can say that your parents had a heavenly relationship. I hope I find something like that one day.

  3. Such a wonderful letter and the handwriting is artistic. Letters can be magical, the ones that you can hold and re-read. I feel sorry for those in the current generation who just email, etc. All good thoughts are lost in cyberspace. Blessings, Geoff.