Tuesday, July 02, 2013

The Secret

Tiny basking in the sun
After months of work, seven days a week, from seven to seven or later, I managed to get a few weeks break back home in  Cape Town. What a pleasure to be able to be with my animals, I missed them so much and felt so bad about neglecting them for so long (nearly four months). There was someone feeding them but obviously not much attention. William, when I got home, was missing and all I could do was call and call and hope he would come home. (William is my ginger cat that was bitten by a stray tom when he was just a little kitten which left him lame in his left back leg.) Well he did come home after two days covered in ticks where he can't scratch, in other words, on the left side of his neck and face. He had big festering sores with fat ugly ticks just having a feast on him. First thing I did was pull off the ticks and clean up his injuries, they took about two weeks to clear up. The next thing I did was to make a decision never to leave them for so long again. The other two cats, Tiny and Olive, were in pretty good condition though as were my two dogs, Archibald and Minnie. They were very happy to see me which is understandable.
Okay, enough about that for now. There is more news, good news actually. I bought a laptop so am now able to Blog wherever I am. While I was working in Johannesburg I had no access to a computer and blogging was out of the question but now I have a mobile computer with a dongle to connect to the net whenever I want to, cool. Now one of the things I've noticed in the past, was when I had a theme to work to things went better when writing posts. And having looked back over some of my posts, Ive come to the realization that what I really want to write about is stories from the bible and how my life has been affected by them. A few nights ago I watched a video called "The Sectret"
Snapshot taken from video
 and could see the teachings of Jesus in what they were talking about. "Ask and you shall receive", "faith as small as a mustard seed will move mountains," "what is it you wish" (the blind chaps in Mathew) and "to you has been given the sectret of the kingdom of heaven" (To his desciples also in Mathew). I've been amazed at how closely the two are related. Someone had told me sometime in the past that it was just a bunch of rubbish but, to tell the truth, I've seen these same principals effect my own life, even though I had never read anything like this before, except in the Bible that is. So what now, well my faith has certainly not been deminished, nor has my love for the scriptures or Christ been reduced in any way whatsoever, maybe a little more understood though. There are so many things written in the Bible about what life is really all about which are not as clear as we would like them to be, but that only stems from our own mental blocks we impose on our understanding.
So from now on I'm going to try to blog daily about things I've experienced
Table Mountain as seen from the rocks at Melkbos.
 that can be directly identified in the scriptures such as the time I rebuked the clouds over the farm and they just cleared up, or the time I was reading about honey and someone arrived at my door with a whole container of wild honey comb. God is amazing and he has given me, personally, so many incidenses of his provision and care that I feel I must write  adout them, whether anyone reads them or not.
For now however I'll leave you with the encouragement to watch "The Secret" with a Christian understanding, even if they don't say things the way you would like them to, it's still well worth watching.
Blessings till the morrow when I'll write about things that have happened to me.


  1. Welcome Home! Glad you are going to be blogging more, Geoff. Sorry to hear that William didn't fare so well while you were gone but I am sure he will be well looked after now that you are home. Looking forward to your posts.

  2. We just returned from a trip away ourselves. Glad your William has returned.

  3. Hello Pam.
    Thanks for the visit, always nice to hear from you again. Yes William is doing fine now and yes it is nice to be home again.
    Joy :D to you too.
    Where did you go? I must admit it's always so good to return home to where you can be yourself without imposing on others. William's home, Yay!