Tuesday, July 16, 2013

On Real Visions

Liezel on the left and Diana in blond
I started a new blog today. I've called it "A single man's story" because of a scripture I read the other evening. The scripture I'm referring to is in the book acts where Saul is confronted with a vision of the risen Jesus and he says to Saul;
"Rise to your feet and stand upright. I have appeared to you for a purpose: to appoint you  my servant and witness, to testify both to what you have seen and to what you will yet see of me. I will rescue you from this people and from the gentiles to whom I am sending you. I send you to open their eyes and to turn them from darkness to light, from the dominion of Satan to God, so that, by trust in me, they may obtain forgiveness of sins, and a place with those whom God has made his own." Acts 26: 16-18
Paul was a single man too, no wife, actually advocated staying single as a very good way to be able to stay in close contact with the Lord. I know what he meant, a single man who travels a lot is better off with as few possessions as possible, I've got 2 dogs, 3 cats, a whole tank full of very happy fish and a duck, not to mention a whole house full of furniture and "Stuff." I've had an interesting life, and to tell the truth, have so many stories about how God and Jesus have not only impacted my life, but through miracles, visions and bizarre happenings, have left me, with absolutely no doubt whatsoever, to accept the existence of God the Creator of the universe and all that that entails including His only begotten son Jesus.
So what this blog, in essence is, is my journey from where I was as a boy to where I am now, as best I can remember, memories, friends, lovers, children and the beautiful places we sojourned  through to get to where we are now, you, me and God together.Theres not much to read yet, I gotta whole lot a writing ta do, hmm.

Rick came to visit this afternoon, very nice to see him. We were chatting about our respective weekends when I remembered something we had been talking about last week, a vision I had had a few years ago that had astounded me. I decided it is worth telling you about.
This incident happened around summer time a couple of years ago on the farm where I live. I was at home reading my bible, I can't remember which scripture but that's not important right now. The farm was about as quiet as any farm can be with geese and chickens and so on. I think I had been reading for a while, no too long though. I remember closing my bible in my lap, leaning against the backrest with my head back and putting my hands over my eyes. And then it happened, I had a vision, very brief, very, very brief, but I saw.
Now this wasn't some ethereal mind sort of image, it was real. This is what I saw for a split second; In front of me, in a doorway stood Diana, the manageress of the restaurant next door. Facial image was definitely hers, hair and everything. She was wearing what looked like an aquamarine top with small crosses on it, like a pattern and blue jeans. She was standing very erect and in her hands, vertically right against her tummy, was what looked like a broom, the kind with long bristles. But the whole scene flashed before my eyes for the tiniest split second and was gone. What was that?
Now comes the interesting part.
While I was still wondering what had just happened, as you can imagine, from outside came the voice of a woman screaming my name in panic. I jumped up to go see what all the commotion was about only to find Sabina, one of the coloured ladies that have lived here all their lives, running down the road screaming her lungs out. She was already a couple of hundred yards down the road and going fast. There was one of the restaurant crew members leaning against the front door watching this whole thing unfold. I stopped and asked her what on earth was going on. "Oh Diana's in the back, theres a snake there."
Just up my alley, I catch snakes. Sabena was gone, ha, ha, so funny. So I went through to the back and this is what I found.
The back yard of this restaurant was and still is, lushly lawned and at that time had a childrens jungle gym made from round gum poles taking up about a third of the space, the kids loved it. The wall around this area was built some time in the early part of last century, possibly earlier. A yard thick and about seven foot high, lovely actually.  Across from the verandah, which is attached to the building, is an opening in the wall with two chain-link type farm gates. Pumba, the potbellied pig, had a patch of mud right against the gates and was between the chain-link gates and Diana trying his best to get around her to get at a rather large mole snake, which can give a very nasty non lethal bite, they're big snakes. Diana wasn't having any of it, she had in her hands one of those flat paddle type things they use for pizza ovens and was holding Pumbah and the snake apart with it to the best of her ability, almost the exact shape as the broom in my vision. You can guess what she was wearing. She had on an aquamarine top with a paisley pattern, you know those things that look line teardrops, blue jeans and her hair exactly as I had seen it. Absolutely amazing.
I helped get rid of the snake and sorted Pumba out, just a bit of excitement with lots of adrenaline pumping and screaming for the fun of it. Sabena? She didn't come back that afternoon, come to think of it, she was off for about a week, wouldn't come near the place., he, he.

I can't explain it, everything was there, the doorway I had to go through to get to the back, what I thought was a broom shape was there, Diana's clothes, nothing about pigs and snakes though, definitely an attention getter. The only thing I can think is that for that split second God connected us somehow, sort of short circuited us. This is not the only story like this, nor the first, lots of stories about what happens when you are close to God. They will come out in time, they come from many years of experience, God's wisdom takes time to do justice to.
I have cats and dogs, fish and ducks, I can't run around as much as Paul managed to, even though it wasn't a joy-ride for him. I will try to convey, through my writing, what amazing things God has done before my very eyes. My witness to Him for everyone's benefit. I hope this post has given you food for thought. Blessings, Geoff.


  1. definitely plenty of food for thought. looking forward to your story. Is this a completely different blog or a different turn for this one?

  2. Hello Joy, nice to hear from you.
    I'll be writing about my life on a completely new blog, I just need to get it going a bit. Lots of thinking to do while I write.

  3. wow. what a great experience that must have been-a flash of this great connection!