Wednesday, July 10, 2013


What is that something called that makes you get up in the morning  raring to go, the thing that gets you up at sunrise to go stand into the garden with a cup of coffee just to see the dew and magic light on the petals before the sun burns it off. That something that brings about success even when everything about the venture looks, to others, hopeless, boring and of no interest. It's not just passion or positive thinking, those could be just temporary. Have you ever watched a young musician learning to play a guitar with interest and then fade away with the instrument left standing in the corner for years gathering dust? Or a soccer player who stands before a wall kicking a ball against it, over and over again, for years and eventually becoming one of the most sought after players in the sport? What is the difference between the two? Enthusiasm!
I'm not going to get into the etymology of the word, you can look it up in Wikipedia if you want to. To me it signifies that intense interest and seeking after the good for the particular subject about which one is enthusiastic, Manchester United Soccer Club for example. An object or cause of great interest to a person. Would you believe it started with the words "En Theos" literally "In God."
Early Christians were called "Enthusiasts", David was, in my opinion, enthusiastic, inspired by God, as was Jesus. How about that! This, of course, throws a completely new spin on things that have transpired in my own life, why at times I've been so intensely interested in certain things, manifest in an outward display of passion, and at other times so reluctant, where just the thought of getting involved has brought about the desire to run away. Interesting.
To continue in a state of enthusiasm requires action and perseverance in order to continue or it will fade away. Take my writing for example, I love writing, it's always been an outlet for me but, to tell the truth, when I became so busy at work that all I could think about was getting some rest, my writing just faded away, even though I still loved writing. The inspiration I received from God was overshadowed by cares and busyness with the result that what I really loved doing became a chore. The parable of the wheat seeds being choked by the thistles?
Well I'm writing again and taking care of my garden again, fresh vegetables straight from the garden, Yum. Things I used to do are beginning to happen again but there are still areas I need to address, like reading my Bible. That sounds so terrible but, to tell the truth, I do know the Bible. It's not the act that I'm talking about, it's the intense desire and inspiration that I need to, once again, foster in my daily life. It's taking  a while but, since God is the God of good, and I'm sure he desires what is good for me, things are beginning to turn around for the better.
My dog Archibald, should I just mention the word "Walk," goes into a tailspin, bouncing up and down and running around in circles. He's enthusiastic, not passionate or obsessed, just plain enthusiastic.
Isn't it funny how we don't really understand the meaning of words we use almost daily, certainly not knowing where they come from or what the original meaning was.
God grant me the inspiration to live my life enthusiastically and to inspire enthusiasm in others. Enthusiasm is contagious and we, since you have already told us that the Holy Spirit is alive within us, are desirous of showing your goodness to others for their own inspiration.
Bless you Lord and thank you for inspiring this Blog post.

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  1. I am struggling with the same problem with my Bible reading, Geoff. Thank you for the encouraging words. I needed them today.