Friday, July 26, 2013

100 Years From Now

Marjorie Keith Lyon  (possibly 1940s)
In my previous post I mentioned that I was starting a separate blog to tell my life story for my children. I've been trying to find photographs for the blog, they help me remember all sorts of things. Well, in my quest I came across a whole lot of pictures that my elder sister had collected, how the world has changed since they were taken. I wonder what things will be like in another hundred years.
The way I'm getting the pictures into my computer is by taking pictures with my little digital camera and then loading them into one or the other file, time consuming but inexpensive.
Anyway, I'm still busy with them but am so impressed with what I've found that I thought you may enjoy a few. Oh, by the way, these are pictures of my mom, before I was born that is.
My Mom with the floral dress
As you can see things have definitely changed, check out the ship in the background, how cool is that? My mom used to fly light aircraft after the war, she had a pilots licence, this could explain why I so want to fly.
I've got pictures from my own childhood, these are the ones that bring back memories and they will be the ones I use in my new blog but the older ones are so interesting.
All the ladies, mom in floral dress.
I will be adding more pictures to future posts for your enjoyment. Blessings to all, have a fantastic weekend, Geoff.

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  1. Hi Geoff, wonderful photos, telling so much more than just ones where everyone is stiffly standing around. I can tell that your mother was a very interesting woman.