Saturday, May 25, 2013


Calore fire place on display
Well, for me anyway, the Calore build at the Coca Cola dome in Johannesburg is over. It comes down again on Monday but that will be a quick exercise with the whole thing being delivered to the Calore warehouse so they can put it up again in Cape Town.
Today we are putting up a show stand for Samsung at Ferrari day here in Johannesburg and then, with a bit of luck, home to Cape Town, yippee!
I've been here for almost four months now and feel it's time to go home for a bit, maybe on Tuesday or Wednesday, we'll see. Living in Cape Town and working a thousand miles away just isn't very good for one's soul.
view from the hill on the farm
Time to walk on the beach again, to climb the hill with my dogs, to spend time with my friends and most of all, time alone with God. I'm so looking forward to it.


  1. So often busyness limits our time alone with God and we feel it to the depths of our being. So glad you are getting some down time at home, Geoff!

  2. There is no place like home is there.. Have a beautiful time walking and talking one to one on the beach with the Lord... He walks beside you always. Hugs

  3. Interesting profession you have, Geoff. But I can easily see why you miss your home so much. - Barbara
    Life & Faith in Caneyhead

  4. Beautiful fireplace model that you constructed. Have a good trip home and what a great feeling to be debt free. Blessings.

  5. Interesting fire place. You do some fascinating work. I, too, like the alone time - or actually with my dog - and we walk every morning. Enjoying that kind of peace and quiet, as well as the beauty of nature - does connect us with God in a special way.

  6. I can so relate and hoping you will get home very soon! Thanks for stopping by today :)

  7. Geoff, you'll find this interesting. 2 links so I guess I'll be moderated...


    both are extremely interesting.



  8. Dear Geoff, I hope you found the peace you have been missing for so long. The hill looks quite dry, but I know it is your special place to think and listen to the Holy Spirit. Thanks for your latest message.