Monday, April 15, 2013

Moving Factories

This post should be about having a really bad day. I got to work this morning and everyone was locked out of the workshop and the offices, I had the keys for the workshop so that was easy to sort out. The keys for the offices, Glenda had been given, and she was still at home, soaking wet after her shower. Argh!
Now comes the really, really bad part, A machine in the workshop, that costs about R350.000 ($35000.00) had, for some completely unknown reason, fallen over during the night. It was supposed to be locked down with anchor bolts but, since we are in the throws of moving a whole factory, had been left standing ready for fixing. (It actually stood there for four days without any problems?) It was all my fault, I should have ensured it was safe, so you can imagine how I've felt today.
Enough about that.
Here is my advice when it comes to moving factories:
Firstly you must understand that no matter how careful you are, things will go awry. Something else that happens is work pours in, kind of like a test. Things will go missing and those drawings you were working on, they will reappear about three weeks after you've completed the entire project.
Your stress levels are going to go through the roof and the inability to do anything about it is going to eat into your peace of mind. Your staff, upon whom you have been counting to help, just won't pitch up, again Argh!
So my advice to you, when it comes to Moving Factories is; Don't. If it's inevitable and you have to move to bigger premises, take a vacation three days before the move and come back two weeks later.
We've moved and tomorrow I leave for a few days in Cape Town, a bit late I know, but that's just how things pan out when you Move Factories.
Blessings to all in this very frantic period of blogging life, stay calm and carry on.


  1. Oh my!! Someone probably loosened the bolts, and that is why it fell over! Moving a factory would be lots of work!! Hard work! Great post!!

  2. I'm so with you on the "Don't" - and I'm not restricting that to moving factories or anything else. Don't go ahead with the huge repair which is going to totally disrupt your whole life for three weeks because it will overrun in time and be three months or even more. So, I agree with you,
    Geoff "Don't! Just Don't!"

  3. Fiddy,yesterday, when I was talking to the Lord about moving from Cape Town to Johannesburg, I opened my bible at proverbs and the one verse that was underlined was; "Schemes lightly made will come to naught, but with long planning they will succeed."
    I have a feeling this applied to Myles and me.
    Talk about testing, good grief.

  4. Sandy, how I wish that were the truth.
    Anyway, Cape Town tomorrow, yippee.
    A couple of days away from the workshop will do me good and my animals will be SO glad to see me.

  5. Moving... Bleh! So sorry the machine fell over. I hope it still works. *gulp*

  6. Just stopping by to say "Love you, Boet". Your weather has hit us - chilly today...

  7. Nice blog. Just checking in to say Hi. Margareta

  8. Moving a factory sounds like a lot of work, hopefully the rest of the move runs smoothly for you! Like you said, things are going to go awry, that's just something one has to accept.

    Have fun with a-z. :)

  9. Geoff, as soon as you have access to your computer, drop us a line.

    Love you

  10. Yikes! That does sound like a terrible time. Hope you get to relax a bit in Cape Town. :-)

  11. My brother, Geoff has been working like a Trojan. There are so many exhibitions on at the moment and after more than a few 20 hour shifts, he flew out to Durban to complete the exhibition stands there as well.

    Looking forward to your return to Jo'burg, Boet.