Thursday, April 11, 2013

James White Maritz the Second

Today is machine moving day. I build exhibition  stands and my machines are my life-line, so to have my machines out of commission is a big deal, how do you get boards cut without the CNC cutter or the wall saw or the panel saw?  No workbenches, nowhere to pre-build the stand I have to up on Wednesday, the store in boxes and the internet dis-connected.
This is something my son, James reminds me of regularly:"This too shall pass." James was named after my father, James White Maritz. The person I am today and the person whose writing you are now reading stems from the influence I have and do receive from the two Jamseses (bizarre spelling) mentioned, my father and my son.
Here is a link to my sister's blog, she tells a much better story than I do.
We are moving factories (a major undertaking) and I'm tired. So if I seem to be lazy and not visiting your blogs as often as I should, I've got a lot on my plate right now and I'm really tired.
I'm sorry if my posts leave much to be desired right now, they will improve.
Blessings from a frantic, far from home Geoff.

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  1. Just another A-Z-er saying 'hi' (recent follower :) Stop by when you get a chance. Hope the move goes well.