Saturday, April 06, 2013

Flowers lots of Flowers.

 All the pictures featured here are taken by myself. Spring can be a very rewarding  time for people who love flowers. All of them were taken in my sister's garden with a Canon 350-D digital SLR camera.
Nothing has been done to them as far as manipulation is concerned. I did need to re-size them for the purposes of this blog post. Late afternoon, clear skies, spring to early summer, good but not bright light.
For me, flowers make an excellent subject choice. They are pretty much stationary, very interesting and they appeal to just about everyone.
 I'm a single man and I like to give a woman flowers. The only problem with that is, I'm happy to be single.  Usually the reason I give flowers to any woman is because she probably hasn't received them for quite a while and so I want to give her a treat and brighten her day. Not always a wise move.
I know women love flowers, that's why I give them to them, not for any other reason what so ever.
Oh well, I agree ladies, flowers just brighten everything up, they're lovely.
 Bees like flowers too, hmm! look what they make from them, yum. Some of the flowers in my sisters garden are there to attract certain types of insects. Ornamental sage attracts butterflies of all sorts and when the almond blossoms change into fruit the parrots come to feast.
All in all, the flower kingdom is amazing and I love it.


Who knows?

No idea

Okay, if you can identify the rest of them, and know how to spell their names correctly, I'd greatly appreciate it.
If you click on the pictures they do increase in size.

A happy tree brings many blessings
I hope you enjoyed my little exhibition.
For the love of photography and the ability to capture the wonder that fills our everyday lives.
Thank you lord for digital cameras and subject matter that is astounding, Geoff.


  1. Wat een mooie bloemen bloeien er in jouw land. Ik ben een vrouw maar ik wil geen bloemen :-) Geen afgesneden bloemen. Die gaan altijd dood. Ik vind het mooier om bloemen te zien zoals bij jou op de foto. Hier in Holland hebben we de bollenvelden. Maar nog niet alle tulpen en bol-bloemen bloeien omdat het erg koud is in Holland.
    Lieve groet en geniet van de mooie bloemen daar.

  2. Beautiful, beautiful pictures, Geoff! I can only imagine the wonder of seeing the parrots come to feed on the almond trees! So colorful!

  3. Jedidja hello.
    Dit is vir my so n groot plessier on Holands to lees en dit te kan verstaan. Die komentaar is in Afrikaans geskryf, ek hoop dat jy ook dit kan verstaan.
    Ek kan verstaan hoe koud is dit by julle, julle is so ver nood in die kouer gedeelte van die wereld.
    Seenings van Suid Afrika, Geoff.

  4. Beautiful pictures. I love the almond tree. I bet the smells are amazing, too. :) Best