Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Buckets, Baskets and Barrels.

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Some time ago I was at home listening to a radio station that broadcasts from Cape Town, C.C.FM, or Cape Community FM. Each afternoon at about one thirty they ask a question and leave it up to the listeners to give what they think is the answer. Those who get it right have their names announced on air. Pretty cool actually.
On this particular afternoon the question was;
"Buckets, baskets and barrels, what do you fill with your empty hands?"
I think there were about 144 000 listeners at the time and guess what? I was the only one to get the answer right.
What are the chances you will.
Leave an answer in the comments section and I'll come visit you. Blessings on this beautiful day, Geoff.


  1. I'm terrible with riddles. What do you fill with your empty hands. The first thing that came to mind is wine in the barrel...lol, that's because I like wine no doubt. Basket are for fruit, and buckets make me think of cleaning...which I don't like. I am however anxious to know the right answer.

    Thanks for your visit yesterday to my A post.

    Here's B

  2. Thanks for stopping by. I work with a girl from South Africa. Barrel for wine, basket for fruit and flowers, buckets with water.

  3. Hi, just visiting in the big a-z. Stopped by once before (even joined). I'm in garden mode right now, so here goes...buckets of water, baskets of fruits and vegetables, and barrels of waste for recycling. But I'm like the above--terrible with riddles and jokes.

  4. You can't fill anything with your empty hands, because you need to put something in them.

    That said, your post made me think about how a heart full of compassion can make up for empty hands- need to follow up on that thought.

  5. Sandy, thanks for the visit.
    Think about it, what would you put your empty hands into completely filling it or them?
    I live in the Cape, one of the finest wine producing areas in the world, yes I like wine too.
    Karen hi.
    South Africans seem to be everywhere nowadays.
    Hello Sharon, gardening mode, I wish.
    I've been redirecting the waste water for my sister's garden, makes a lot of sense.
    Natasha hi.
    Of course you can fill something with your empty hands.
    You can fill gloves! Ha, ha, ha.
    That being said, if your hands are empty and your tummy is too, God will fill them both.
    Thanks to all of you for the visit, I hope you enjoyed a bit of a thought challenge.
    Huge blessings to all of you, Geoff.

  6. You had me stumped here Geoff. I'll be going through your old posts about Africa too when I get a chance as we're going to Kenya this year to visit our daughter.