Monday, April 01, 2013


Amazing! What is so amazing? Well let me put it this way, not everyone has known God from early childhood, I didn't, I only came to know Him when I was thirty years old. I wrote about it here, Unlovable but Jesus loves.
It's kind of difficult to write about things that happen in my life without rewriting what I've already written in previous posts, but today I want to tell you about someone else's experience.
This person is a very tough woman I've known for some time now, a confirmed atheist. Until recently there was nothing she could not handle and God was just a myth, a fairy tale that weak people clung to instead of sorting things out for themselves. She's known that I'm a Christian but of course, I'm a weakling, and any comments I have made about God or his son, Jesus, were brushed aside. That's cool, each one of us has to work out our own salvation and that's the way it is.Oh how amazing is God's love for us, even those who don't believe he is who he is.
I'm sitting here with a huge smile on my face at the moment because what I'm about to tell you is so amazing. I met her yesterday and the first thing she had to tell me is, "I've started praying to God, I've been so lost for such a long time, not knowing where I was or what to do. I wanted to believe but couldn't bring myself to pray. Then I took a good long look at my life and decided that if I don't look for God I'm not going to find him. And that's what I've started doing, looking for God." While she was talking to me her eyes filled up with tears and a softness came into her voice that left me in no doubt that God had drawn her near. She couldn't stop talking about God and left me with such a fantastic warmth in my heart, and of course tears in my eyes too.

My witnesses, says the Lord, are you, my servants,
you whom I have chosen
to know me and put your faith in me
and understand that I am He.
Before me there was no god fashioned nor ever shall be after me.
I am the Lord, I myself, and non but I can deliver.
I myself have made it known in full, and declared it,
I and no alien god amongst you,
and you are my witnesses , says the Lord.
I am God; from this very day I am He.
What my hand holds, none can snatch away;
what I do, none can undo.  (Isaiah 43 verses 10 to 13)

Don't you just love it when you see someone's life take on a whole new direction, when they turn to God?
I must tell you that this happens quite often around me, I irritate people because of my relationship with my Lord, and then they come to me to tell me about their new found love for the Lord and how He has changed their lives. I am a witness to the changes God has wrought in their lives and I love it.
May others come to you to tell you about their changed lives this day.
Father, bless my blogging friends with a faith that draws those who are hurting to them to hear of your amazing love. This I ask in the precious name of your son, Jesus.


  1. AMEN and Amen!! I read this entry with such joy. I, too, have a blogging friend...a smart, strong woman...who declares herself an atheist. And a precious, clever man I have known since the days of AOL Blogs who also declares himself an atheist. May God creat and grow a desire in their hearts to know him too! - Barbara

  2. A beautiful story. I've always believe there was God, and then for awhile I thought I believe but wasn't sure who the supreme being was. I've often said I'm spiritual not religious. I've recently said outloud to someone very dear to me that I do believe Jesus is my savior and died for us. I find I've been reading a bit, trying to understand more.

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  3. Geoff,

    How wonderful that you were a part of her path to something meaningful to her.

    I've noticed that people will sometimes get irritated and resistant about areas where they are stuck, and really hungry for a change.

    I've seen, with friends, the same thing happen around peaceful parenting.

    This was an inspiring post to read. I'm happy you shared it!

  4. This is beautiful. There are several people I wish I could reach or that someone would. Sometimes all we can do is pray.

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