Saturday, February 23, 2013

Goodness gracious me!

Hobbit hill 
It's been such a long time since I wrote a Blog post, it's like going to a party and finding all my friends already there. Hi everyone, good to be back.
I'm in Johannesburg again having spent a very broke Christmas and New Year in Cape Town. In my previous post Hi-jacked and Rewarded I was feeling so chuffed with myself for sorting out my computer problems by myself, unfortunately when I got home to Melkbos, around the middle of December, I found my computer had committed Hara-kiri ( Japanese for suicide) and despite all my efforts and those of my friends, we were unable to resuscitate it. No computer, no TV and no money, how boring. Anyway My brother Myles gave me a call last week and invited me to come help with running the workshop up here, so here I am.
So let me fill you in with a few interesting things that have happened. You remember my previous post Hobbit hill, my interpretation? well the above picture is of one of the houses that has been installed in the park outside Myles and Tracy's home, pretty cool don't you think?
Another Hobbit home
Yet another.
While I was away in Cape Town Myles got stuck in installing them and creating a sort of village with the facades. I only made the facades, he did all the roofs and fences. He was telling me that the other day Tracy heard children playing outside the garden wall and went out to see what was going on. There was a young lady with a blanket spread out on the lawn and a picnic basket with cool drinks and eats, she was reading a book while her children played in the Hobbit village. Apparently they had insisted on going to play there, how cool is that. The place has become very popular.
I'm happy with they way the whole place turned out.
Anyway, back to Melkbos. Christmas in Cape Town was a very hot and windy affair. Temperatures in the mid thirties, centigrade that is, and the South Easterlies blowing like crazy. When the wind blows like that the kite surfers come flooding in from all over the world, it's a very popular venue for a very popular sport. Driving from Strand back to Cape Town along the false bay beach road and then to Melkbos past Blaauwberg was like entering some exotic kite festival. It was so beautiful with all those huge multi-coloured  sails with surfers performing all sorts of aerial tricks, very exciting.
Christmas day was spent with James and Coleen and a few other friends. Coleen is one of those people who thoroughly enjoys cooking up a storm when entertaining, what a meal. I don't have any pictures with me so cannot entice your taste buds with gorgeous visuals, you'll just have to take my word for it.
Late in January James, Coleen and I, with a whole bunch of friends, went to see Madame Zingara the Miracle tour at the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront. Wow, I was blown away. Here's a link to their website, go have a squiz, it's well worth it. Madame Zingara The Miracle Tour. The show was absolutely outstanding, the Mirror tent is beautiful and the food was simply scrumptious. A pair of lit hearts welcome you when you arrive, I personally built them, makes a warm fuzzy feeling all through me knowing what an outstanding show I had a very small part of.
Well time went by and in march a friend Rick had his birthday party at a place down the road called The Bush Pub.We were all having a great time with the kids all around us when we noticed a snake in the trees trying to get to some birds nests.
Boom slang
Of course everyone became very excited and I got my camera. This is probably one of the worlds most dangerous snakes, a Boom Slang. There is no anti-venom for this snake bite and so the owners of the pub shot it. They wouldn't let me chase it away or catch it so when the shot gun came out I stuck my fingers in my ears and went far away from the killing field. How sad.
One last thing before I sign off; I was sitting at home a few days before I came up to Johannesburg with no dog food and no money and I was talking to the Lord and letting him know that I needed about R60.00 to get food for them. There is a scripture in the gospel of John where Jesus tells his disciples that anything they ask of Him in His name, He will do for them and so on the off chance I took a walk down to the village and checked my bank account. Guess what, there was R60.00 available. Prayers offered with a sincere heart are amazingly effective. Thank you Lord, you are so faithful to me.
Bless you all and hopefully I will get to use this computer again next weekend. Lots of love, Geoff.


  1. thanks for this post Geoff, delightful reading, beautiful ending, Amen to that! Keep writing Brother!

  2. Thanks for this post Geoff! I love the success of the Hobbit village park, and I'm thankful that God is answering your prayers!

  3. Love the Hobbit homes! And the snake is quite a looker.