Sunday, November 04, 2012

High-jacked and Rewarded.

Hello everyone. I know I've been gone for quite a while but there's a reason for the break, I was hijacked. Not me personally but my browser. What happens is your browser gets redirected to selected web sites that have paid the creator of the virus to get you to their sites. In my case the weirdest things started happening and spam just flooded in. Well I managed to get rid of it eventually, all by myself too. Not too shabby, even if I do say so myself. Writing blog posts and visiting other writers was not possible, it just didn't happen which is possibly a good thing, not spreading it around and so on.
Anyway, it's time I wrote something again and started visiting all of you. So here goes.
Toni and Gemma
Last Saturday I was at work, doing the usual frantic preparation for the upcoming exhibitions we need to build stands for, when I got a call from my brother Myles. "Please get Eric to organize a case of beers, I'll collect them from the factory." A pretty innocuous request and I didn't think anything more of it. About an hour later he called again, "Felicity (my sister) has a problem at home, won't you bring the beers with you and I'll collect them from her house. Let the guys close up and take the afternoon off, we will continue tomorrow." Sure no problem, I'll see you there in 20 minutes or so.
Hail on the Highveld.
 I must tell you that about two weeks ago we had a hail storm. Not tiny hail but pieces bigger than golf balls, hail that broke the tiles on my sister's roof, smashed windows at my brother's house and generally caused quite a headache for insurance companies. Now Felicity's house isn't exactly new any more so there are lots of things that can go wrong, so my brain was in a bit of a spin thinking about what could possibly be so wrong that I needed to close the factory for the afternoon. After sending everyone home I grabbed the beers and a small toolbox and charged off like a knight in shining armor to the rescue of a damsel in distress, or so I thought. Surprise!
When I arrived at the house there were all these cars and I couldn't work out why there were so many people there to help. I managed to get the truck into the yard past all the cars and, after parking, jumped out, only to find out that my family had thrown me a beach birthday party, only 6 weeks after my birthday. To say I was surprised would be an understatement. Oh, by the way, we're 1000 miles from the beach here but everyone was dressed for the surf and sand, my little sister even went out and bought me a pair of baggies (Swimming trunks) so I would feel at home. How's that for a family?
What a wonderful birthday surprise I had, in fact everyone had a ball. Too much beer for me though and Sunday came around with the obligatory headache and so on, ha, ha, ha. It was great.What was wrong with Felicity's house? Oh, nothing, they just wanted to keep everything secret, something they all did admirably.
Tracy and Myles.

Loving my guitar.
I got a chance to play the guitar in front of an audience, which was awesome,and even received applause, how about that? Little Gemma, Myles and Tracy's daughter made friends with Geoff at last, Shelley was there and a few of my family's friends, all with attendant birthday presents, so cool. After living alone for such a long time, birthday surprise parties are just the best, thanks guys, I love all of you stacks and stacks. May the Lord bless my family and may he bless everyone who has ever had a surprise birthday party. :) Blessings from Geoff in Johannesburg.


  1. Nice to hear you got the hijacking issues fixed, that does take computer skill, which I say I'm lacking. :)

    Happy Birthday Geoff!! What a nice surprise and an awesome family to throw you a beach party even though there was no beach. :) Sweet!


  2. All nice photos. Your family loves and appreciates you. You certainly deserve a break after all the months of hard work you've been doing. The only birthday party I ever had was when Handyman surprised me and had about 6 lady friends show up to help me celebrate. He had baked a chocolate cake and we had a whopping big platter of shrimp! I really don't like surprises and I really don't like being the center of attention--makes me self-conscience, but I managed to enjoy (and turn the attention on the others!)

  3. Oh, and Happy Birthday! 58?

  4. serenity and joy to you and your family a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year, a hug Elettra

  5. Nice blog.In general.. It make me feel like am reading some anthropological stuff :)
    Interesting one. Am going to be your new follower .

    Happy Birthday to you ! Wish you have nice one.

  6. Aww Geoff, I think we are all having problems, The good thing is you were able to fix yours yourself, eventually. Good onya.
    How wonderful to have family!~! and to throw a birthday party like that would be been a real surprise and utter joy. Good on them. Happy Belated Birthday, and many more to come. Blessing Crystal

  7. Hope to hear about your life soon!