Saturday, September 29, 2012

Where in the world is Geoff.

It's been ages since I last wrote a blog post. There is of course a reason for this, or should I rather say, many reasons? Interesting times. Poor old Geoff has been so busy and with no computer where I've been staying, blogging has not been possible. I'm in Johannesburg again and much to my surprise, am glad to be here. Who would have thunk of such a thing?
So let me tell you what I've been up to over the past number of months. This may take a few posts to tell all, but things have changed a bit and blogging at night is no longer impossible.

Spending lots of time alone at home without any work of substance left me anxious to do something, so in order not to go off my nut completely, I started a vegetable garden. Late Autumn isn't exactly the best time to start gardening but that didn't stop me. I began by clearing an area next to my home, fenced it off to keep the rabbits and chickens out, dug trenches and added a huge amount of chicken manure to the soil. I must tell you this can be an exhausting exercise but I was hoping it would be well worth it in the long run. Then came the seeds, carrots in abundance, spinach, beetroot, and cabbages in the other beds. Little did I know that I would not even eat one single root or fruit from this garden. A family crisis was brewing in Johannesburg that would require my presence. Hmm!
Myles phoned me to tell me about it and to ask if I could fly up the next day to help run the factory, for a week or two, yeah right, a week or two, you've got to be kidding. I knew I would be away for months, but could I organize a house sitter in time?
Russ is a young man that works with me whenever I manage to find work and is someone I trust. He's the son of a widow friend, Diana, someone I've known for about six years now. A good kid.
Now I must tell you that I love my home, it's one of those places where you wake up in the morning with the roosters crowing outside the bedroom window. A place where coffee on the veranda in the morning looking out to far horizons is a treat, so leaving my dogs and cats alone while I attend to other matters is never easy.
Where else can you watch the bantam cocks competing for the attention of the hens right in front of your lounge door? Where else do wild tortoises come to visit and to drink the fresh water in your garden pond. I was about to leave my own little piece of paradise in this young mans capable hands. Little did I know he was going to have an absolute ball and also fall in love with Geoff's home, or as he refers to it, his "Man Cave." Oh well, I had been asking the Lord for work a few days earlier and this was going to be His answer. So off to Johannesburg I flew and into the fire I went.
 Now some of you know I build exhibition stands and quality and finish are of paramount importance, of course time plays a huge part in what we can achieve. I arrived at about midday to walk into a huge show stand build that was already on the go. Arriving half way through a build means that I'm pretty much in the dark and having to work out what's going on, it was due in three days. Like I said, into the fire.
Score Metals. Probably the most technically difficult show stand I've ever built. Poor Myles had been stressing like crazy trying to work out the curves and how to get everything to fit together in such a way as to be transportable. Friday rolled around and off to the Sandton Convention Centre we went. With all the new health and safety regulations that have been legislated in this country recently building this particular stand was challenging to say the least, I got kicked off site because I didn't even know what a health and safety file was. Stupid people, it's not the workers who must know this stuff, it's the company owners. They eventually let me back on site. (Please excuse the little rant.) The stand did look stunning in the end, as always. I must tell you that the work really hasn't stopped, one stand after another and things being built and delivered all over the country.
Right now it's Saturday and the guys are finishing a whole stack of easels for a paint manufacturer here in South Africa, Plascon Paints. They need to be delivered on Monday and since most of the work is sanding and spraying, I find myself with a bit of time to write this blog post. Myles has just arrived and told me I might as well go home, so off to a "Braai" I go. Oh a braai is what you would know as a barbecue. Cool.
I'm going to give it a rest for now but will carry on with this update tomorrow from Toni's house. In the mean time, blessings from Geoff, back in Johannesburg once again.


  1. Geoff, you are such a wild, wild, man. I enjoy your posts about what you are up to. LOVE your fence around your garden! Why? Because it shows your resourcefulness, a trait I admire! My brothers and my husband (and even I at times) are resourceful in fixing and building things. When we don't have stacks of money at our disposal, we become inventive, don't we? I am almost sad that your friend enjoyed your place so much---it's Geoff's place! But yes, God found someone to take care of it while you were tending to family matters. The show stand looks fab, I know you are an excellent carpenter/draftsman. Great job! I'll chat with you soon!

  2. It's so good to hear from you again Geoff and know that all is well! Hey keeping busy is a great thing. There's plenty of time for rest after we die, LOL!! Love Di ♥