Thursday, July 26, 2012


Johannesburg (Source)
Being in another city a thousand miles from home has consequences that are unexpected for me.
One of the things I miss about home is spending time alone with the Lord, quiet time roaming around the farm and laying my heart out before him. Those peaceful, uninterrupted conversations that are so special and bring about an ability to cope with daily life. I am being blessed while here, I know that, but just some time alone and at peace with the Lord would be great.
I miss my computer and being able to go into anyone's blog and read what is going on in their lives. I miss being able to access my photographs so I can add them to my blog, as well as all those little things associated with one's personal computer.
However, this being said, I know that my time away will come to an end and I will once again draw close to God in conversation, all things pass, even being home sick.
Today, just for you my blogging friends, I send greetings and love from Johannesburg, far from home. May the Lord bring a big smile to your life this Thursday. Bless you all, Geoff.


  1. Hi Geoff,
    There isn't anything wrong with being a bit home sick for the people and things we love! I like the saying "It doesn't matter where you roam, it's always good to be back home".
    I hope you get back to your peaceful spot soon. Love Di ♥

  2. This past weekend I returned "home" (the place I grew up) to have a much-needed retreat with childhood friends and we were talking about this--about leaving home. Some of us moved away and made homes for ourselves elsewhere (me), others moved just a little bit away (across the bridge), and still others left and came back to settle in our hometown. I think you have to leave your home every once in a while to truly appreciate what you have and to decide if you are in the "right" place.

    I was feeling very burnt out and I, too, was feeling homesick for the shore I spent my childhood on (where I live now is landlocked). But after a weekend away, I was ready to get back. I just needed the perspective of distance, even just for a few days, the opportunity to miss what I have now. It's so easy to take it for granted.

    I believe God gives us these moments to remind us how blessed we are in our lives to be wherever it is we are. Whether you end up heading back home (such as you will) or making a new home somewhere else (which is what I did), you will know you do so with a willing heart. There's great peace in that.

    Hope you get back to your peaceful place soon!


  3. I know just what you mean. When I was away from home for almost 2 weeks, I wanted to hug my house when I got back. Your brain is going to feel soooo good when you get back home. You will soak up all that comfort and you will be refreshed. ((Hugs)) from your Fine Feathered American Friend.

  4. Thank you for taking time from your work and homesickness to wish all of your followers peace in their own hearts. You are a special person, Geoff.

  5. August 2012 at 09:25

    Hey Boet. I've linked you to my blog. You might like today's entry.



  6. I don't quite understand how this comments thing of yours works. I'll try again when I've figured it out.



  7. "The Lord is near" - wherever we are!

  8. "Geoff's Blogs" has been included in the A Sunday Drive for this week. I hope this helps to point even more new visitors in your direction.

  9. I hope things are going well up there in the cold north.

    God bless you!