Wednesday, June 06, 2012

I'm a Yes Man

Tuesday 12pm.
So, here we go. I told you about the bar I was building for the restaurant next door in my previous post. Well I have a few pictures I think you may enjoy, well they may just give you some idea of just how much pressure I've been under lately. You see, from picture one to the next was a period of only four days, yes that's 4 days. I was approached on Monday morning by Debbie, the new owners of the Green Barn, and asked if it was possible to help them. Of course, I said yes. She showed me a store room and asked if it was possible to convert it into a functional bar by Friday, they had an event planned and needed extra bar space. That's kinda cutting it a bit fine but I'll do what I can. And this is the result.
Friday afternoon
So, now you know, Geoff is a bit hectic at the moment.
My brother Myles, who owns a custom exhibition stand building company in Johannesburg, has offered to send me a whole lot of machines he no longer uses, things like a spindle moulder, a thichnesser, a lathe and a couple of panel saws, so I can get my act together here and start making custom furniture. You probably have no idea what on earth I'm talking about, but all will be revealed when they arrive.God is so good to me.
James, my son contacted me today to let me know that they were having a full dress rehearsal for Yeomen of the Guard on Saturday and I have been invited to take photographs. How's that for amazing? My daughter sent me a text message this evening, just to let me know she loves me. What more can I say?
There is a movie called "The Yes Man," starring Jim Carey. This movie has changed my life. Who would have thought that Jim Carey could have a positive impact on someone's life? Well it did for me. I highly recommend this movie for anyone who really wants to get out of a rut and start living. Viewer discretion is however advised as there is a bit of unpleasant language, not by the principal artist but by others. How many times have you said "No" to the opportunities God has presented to you and just gone on with your same old life while complaining about how you wish things would change? Live your life and awaken each morning with joy and gratitude in your heart, free from guilt and fear. If life is not worth living right now, what makes you thing it will be worth carrying on throughout eternity?
Thank you Lord for each new dawn, I will take pleasure in each and every day you give me.


  1. I actually liked Yes Man also. Sometimes we need to stop and re-evaluate don't we?

  2. Nice idea behind this post - and if we can stay grateful for what we have there is nothing better.

  3. Hello Geoff, its always wonderful to know our kids want and love us. So glad you got that from yours..
    God can talk to us in amazing ways.. For you it was in the form of the Jim Carey movie.. in a way you didn't expect yet, in a way that has had a profound effect.. that so good.. But for me here the best part is, you were open and not closed to receive. Thats so good.. God loves you mate. A big hug!!!

  4. First off, great work Geoff! Being able to make things out of very little is a very special gift. And it makes one feel great!!
    I haven't seen "Yes Man" but I do try to enjoy each day as it comes without worrying about tomorrow. I know in my heart that God will supply me with what I need.
    What terrific kids you have. It's awesome to see them turn into amazing adults, just warms your heart doesn't it?
    Love Di ♥

  5. Hey guy... knew you were busy but thought I'd check your blog and here you're ahead by 2 posts!

    Well, I do know what a lathe is.

    I was presented with a yes/no issue just yesterday. I said "no" to one and "yes" to the other.

    Glad to hear you are rolling like the wind--like wild fire!

    Take care my Fine Feathered Afrikan Friend.

  6. Good Lord, Man... 118 Followers! And people have been whispering behind your back that you don't have any friends! geesh.

  7. Amazing Talent....but above all things said, Living Life Fully ....awake each morning withjoy and me that is the key ..w/out gratitude there is no joy, no living life to its fullest! How many opportunities do we pass up b/c we are so locked into images of "TO High Standards"...the simple things in life to add the robust to our life ....Finding pleasure in HIM first always brings a deeper level of pleasure in the world around us....Have an awesome week Geoff!

  8. The bar looks great, well done. Your post contains a very important message, it's up to all of us to get up and do and recognise opportunities when they arise. That's one of the hardest parts, is to have the vision to see opportunities. Glad you're on your way to taking full advantage of one of yours - Judy

    PS Have now found a way to add your blog to my Wordpress reader, so I will be around here more often!