Monday, June 18, 2012

Cape Town Gilbert and Sullivan Society production, Yeomen of the Guard

Big sigh! I've really got to get back into blogging again. After the buzz of the April Challenge I've lost my steam for some unknown reason. I find myself reading other blogs and then just moving on without even commenting, and the sad thing is, I have no idea why I'm so lackluster.
Anyway, Marie and I went to see "The Yeomen of the Guard" presented by the Cape Town Gilbert and Sullivan society at the Arts Cape theater on Saturday evening. I had already attended their first dress rehearsal and costume check and a non-dress rehearsal last Saturday. This time it was different in that the auditorium was full and there was applause after each song, much nicer. How these performers manage to stay enthusiastic for months on end while preparing for opening night is beyond me. Talk about perseverance.
Marie isn't English speaking, she's Afrikaans, which makes it a little more difficult for her to keep track of the singing in relation to the dialog but she somehow got the gist of the story and managed to follow. So nice to see the wonder on her face while she lost herself in the production.
I did in fact invite another blogging friend with the intention of asking her to help me write a blog post supplemented with my photographs, but she was in Johannesburg for Father's Day. I did have an ulterior motive though, you see she wants to get into singing and dancing, so my thinking was to introduce her to the cast and members of the Cape Town Gilbert and Sullivan Society. Oh well, it didn't happen.
I only got two tickets to the production, so her being unavailable was actually a blessing in that I was able to attend, otherwise it would have been her and Marie while I sat at home and missed the whole thing. Marie decided to write about her experience on her blog and this is the result: Marie's Blog  Pretty good actually since she's not English speaking and relatively new to blogging. Well done Marie, I'm proud of you.
Me? Well I really did enjoy the finished product and recommend attending this particular production very highly. What better way to woo a lady than to take her to see a live stage presentation of a love story?
My thanks and blessings go to the cast and crew of the Cape Town Gilbert and Sullivan Society, you have produced an outstanding opera, well done, Geoff.


  1. Sounds like you had a great time. I took a similar break to yours after the challenge so I understand how you feel. Welcome back!

  2. I know what you mean about feeling kind of blah after the rush from April. Just keep plodding away and eventually the flow will return! Mine's slowly coming back... :)

    Sounds like a good time and yes, a very good way to woo a lady!


  3. Happy belated Father's Day Geoff.

    Looks like you had a good time at the theatre.

    Blessings bro, I'm sure you be back into blogging soon. Now that you are heading into the winter months.


  4. Marta Hi.
    Yeah, time to get over the blah and get some Yay again.
    Thanks for the welcome and blessings to you, Geoff.

    Lynn welcome.
    You too, how amazing. :) Yeah, all it takes is the knowledge that you do still have a blog and things start to happen again. Me too, things are getting back on track.
    Aren't I the hopeless romantic? Marie and I have been friends for more than twenty years now, she's a good friend.

    Child of God, nice to see you.
    Thanks so much for the father's day wishes, very kind of you.
    Yes we did both enjoy our experience together.
    Heading into the winter months? You've go to be kidding, its cold, wet and muddy here. Winter has already arrived down here. Everything is green, the wind, when it blows off the Atlantic can be very unpleasant to say the least. But there are these beautiful days when the wind has died and the clouds cleared.
    such warm sunny days, not too hot nor too cold, just right for kitty cats to lie outside on the wall and sunbathe, a quiet peaceful time. I don't mind the winters here because just around the corner is spring, and spring on this farm is spectacular.
    How's that for a long reply?
    Blessings to you and you family, enjoy your summer, Geoff.

  5. The Yeomen of the Guard is set in the Tower of London. Colonel Fairfax is doomed to execution in an hour on a false charge of sorcery. To avoid leaving his estate to his cousin and accuser he secretly marries a strolling gypsy, Elsie Maynard. Jester Jack Point also loves Elsie, yet agrees to the marriage knowing Fairfax will be dead in hours. But, Fairfax escapes throwing everyone into confusion and despair. After a number of complications Elsie falls in love with Fairfax leaving Jack Point broken-hearted.

  6. Happy belated Father's day, Geoff. I hope you heard from Shelly?

    Mayhaps we can see some photos of the sky and land around your place since the weather is not too bad?

    Was the wooing successful? ;)

    chat with you later, FFAF!

  7. Geoff, just took a look at your link--the opera house is a beautiful place! The swirling mosaic was my favorite feature. Tell me, did you wear your black tie and tails? And Marie in an evening gown?

  8. It seems that lots of bloggers are busy these days! I think summertime here will do that.
    I'm so glad you were able to see the performance Geoff. It sounded like a treat to the senses!! Love Di ♥

  9. Hello Joy.
    Ha, ha, ha. You are so funny. Black tie and tails, no. I wore a black jacket and black trousers, no tie, while Marie had smart long black pants and a thick jersey type thing, very elegant.
    I'm in Johannesburg at the moment helping my brother Myles while he deals with a family medical emergency. So no pictures of the farm for the moment.
    Also, no wooing going on, just old friends out for a pleasant evening.
    Thanks for the Father's day wishes, yes, Shelley did phone to wish me blessings. I'll be seeing her in the next day or two, now that I'm not so far away, about half an hour at the most.
    Bless you my fine feathered American Friend, Geoff.

    Diana, good to hear from you, as always.
    Yes, the blogging community does seem to be very active in other affairs, Cool.
    I had to sit trying not to cough. I did well, only coughed once or twice, I'm proud of myself.
    The performance, well what can I say? Not everyone gets the opportunity to attend such outstanding productions. Most people go to see a movie or something, but a live performance generates memories that will last a life time. It was great.
    Bless you Di, Geoff.

  10. Sigh... I really wanted to go, but I'm glad I went to see my dad. Haven't seen him in two years before that.

    Anyway I'm very glad to see you enjoyed it.