Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Positive Thinking

So here we are, May already here and the year well on it's way. What a blessing to see the months progressing in stately procession, each following faithfully after the other. And the amazing thing is, we are still alive to see it. Have you ever wondered if you will see another day dawn? I have. There is a scripture that says "His mercies are new every morning." How often have I clung to that scripture when everything around me was darkness, how often have I awoken in the morning with a grateful heart for just one more day. "Oh ye of little faith, do you not know that my love is everlasting and my hand is not unable to save, even you."
The amazing thing about Jesus was his unconquerable positive attitude. Have you ever thought about just how positive his reassurances are? God loves you! Yes he said that. I, for my part, can't think of a more positive statement. If God loves me, then how can I worry about what is to come, things out of my control, things of tomorrow, not today. So let me walk through life dealing with only one day at a time for even the hairs of my head have been counted and God himself will not let me fall to the ground, not without his permission.
Does my testing stretch me to the limit? of course it does, but by carrying on regardless my perseverance will, in time, bring a reward that will be an example to others, those who need encouragement, and there are plenty.
When going through tough times, my motto is, "Lord give me the strength to carry me through one day at a time, for this too shall pass." For the Lord disciplines a favorite son.
Do you believe that God loves you? Do you believe you can control what the future will bring?
There are many who will read this blog post and the comments written by you, the reader.What is your life's positive motto that carries you through tough times?
My prayer is that my God will bless you and make his love for you abundantly clear.


  1. I believe that God's in control. I don't believe that I can control the future, but I can take action in the present.

    For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son...

  2. Misha, yeah.
    I've just been reading Deuteronomy 28 verse 47 where the Lord is warning his people to be grateful for their blessings, "Because you did not serve the Lord you God with joy and a glad heart for all your blessings."
    You can't drive a parked car, take action now while you can and be blessed, for God is with you.
    Huge :)
    Bless you my faithful South African friend, Geoff.

  3. What an encouraging post! My motto has been "One day at a time" for quite a while now. It's when I start to focus on 'what if', that I tend to feel worried. So thankful that I have God in my life!

  4. When my road gets rough I always go back to Matthew 6:25-27. It never fails me.
    No matter what I may go through, I know who has my back.
    I love this post Geoff. It really reflects how I feel. You put it into words much better than me.
    Love Di ♥

  5. I loved reading your post today. Appreciating each day and it's gift of life is so important. I try to stop the treadmill of life and to take a few minutes to look about me and to say "thank you", "thank you" I have SO much to be grateful for and often I forget this. Thank you for the reminder.

  6. ever since I realized that God is smarter than me and I can let Him in life got a lot easier and lighter!

  7. The promise that His mercies are new every morning is one I cling to on rough days. And I love that I do not deserve His mercy, but I am showered with it anyway!

  8. Things are a bit hectic for me at the moment, I've got work pouring in from all sides, YAY! So if I take a little while to get around to answering your comments, please forgive me.

    notes4nita hi.

    There's actually a song with those words, I'm not sure who sings it, that's not completely true, I sing it, but I didn't make it famous. :)
    In the book of Ecclesiastes Chapter 6 verse 9 where it is written, "It is better to be satisfied with what is before your eyes than give rein to desire."
    I'm glad you have God in your life too.:)
    Blessings, Geoff.

    Diana my friend with a beautiful name hi.

    You and I are on the same page. I know some of the things you've gone through and yet, here you are praising God with positive faith. That's the kind of example Jesus was telling us we would be. So cool, don't you think?
    Take heart Di, even the hairs of your head(and I'll bet you have a lot more than me :))have all been counted. Hang in there girl, your light is a beacon to honest people all over the world.
    Bless you my friend, Geoff.

    Penny Hi,

    The treadmill of life, and it is, isn't it? You may forget to stop sometimes, but I'm sure you don't forget to recognize just how blessed you are, even if it takes a while. I'm glad you took the time to stop and be blessed today.
    Lots of love and blessings, Geoff.

    Annmarie Pipa hi.

    Now who's being smart, a wise decision. No point in trying to sort everything out yourself, give it up and God will take over and give you so much rest. A much better way to live, wouldn't you say?
    May the Lord bless you and keep you, now and forever more, Geoff.

    Can you imagine if they weren't new every morning, I certainly couldn't cope. I think life is one of those things that no matter how many times you try to perfect it, it never happens. I know that I'm probably the least deserving, but I too am blessed, oh how much I'm blessed, you have no idea.
    Life is good and God makes it that way, we don't always realize just how much he loves us, and then sometimes we do. :)
    Bless you young lady, Geoff.

  9. Sorry Michelle, that last little bit was for you.

  10. All things are filtered through God's hands and in His economy nothing is wasted...thank you Geoff for this lovely post and great question!

  11. Affirmations have worked for me, I had to work with them over a reasonable amount of time, however I have noticed a difference in the way I see the world now. Thanks for sharing!