Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Okavango Delta

Transport in the Okavango delta (Source)
Africa really is a land of miracles and the Okavango delta is one of them. Situated in north western Botswana it covers a staggering 17 000 square kilometers and is the worlds largest inland delta. Wildlife congregates here during the annual flood, trekking for weeks to get here.
Proposed water re-direction
The beauty of the delta (Source)
The water is remarkably clean, probably because of the sparsely populated regions the waters pass through on their way from Angola. Surrounded by the Kalahari desert, the delta is an amazing oasis. The people who live here come from five different ethnic groups, the Hambukushu, the Dceriku, the Wayeyi, The Bugakwe and the Anikhwe also known as the River Bushmen. All speaking their own language, there are almost 3000 languages spoken in Africa. These people depend on the delta for their existence, if the Namibian Government goes ahead and builds a hydroelectric power-station in the Caprivi as planned, this would be under severe threat.
The Okavango delta has become a huge Eco-Tourism attraction for the whole of the southern African continent, including, Namibia, Zambia, South Africa and Botswana. Angola's tourism industry is still in it's infancy, as much of the country was destroyed during the post-colonialism civil war. Getting there can be accomplished by various means, most tourists travel by overland safari ventures operated from South Africa but those who return usually fly in to Maun and either travel overland from there or catch private connecting flights to safari lodges.
This is an area of the planet I highly recommend, it is well worth a visit and you will go home with memories that will last for the rest of your life. If you live or work here, God bless you.


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