16 April 2012

Nightlife in South Africa.

Night life (Source)
What is there to do here at night? Well, you can start with dinner at a great waterfront restaurant, and then take in an enthralling  stage production on offer at one of our internationally renowned theaters. Drinks and dancing afterwards at a nightclub in the city surrounded by beautiful people all having a great time or how about a casino, if that's your thing.
Unfortunately the Table Mountain cable car doesn't operate at night so a romantic trip up the mountain isn't possible. :(
But you can always go out into the bay on a night cruise, very romantic indeed.
Hey, I'm a single man! (Source)

Making memories (Source)
I live in Cape Town so most of what I've written about has been based on where I live , but there are so many other things to do here at night.

Night time is when the big cats come out to feed and if you're in the bush, this is the best time to view them in action. Head back to camp to sit around the fire swapping stories with the guides and other intrepid adventurers. Africa will keep you entertained day and night and you will go home with such amazing memories. Come visit Africa, you'll never forget us.
Africa, my Africa, how I love her, you will too.


  1. Hi Geoff,
    I guess you will know what I want to do if I visit Africa...see the wild life in the bush.

    One thing I love about the night and driving a vehicle down the road is looking for glowing eyes. Most often they are dear or coyote, but every now and then a bob cat or a lynx will be spotted.

    I am sure the night life in Africa is full of fun and adventure.


  2. I wonder if I would be afraid of those big cats?!!