11 April 2012

Jesus in Africa.

Africa Christians (Source)
Does Jesus have a place in African beliefs?
The African people are not like the rest of the, "so called", civilised world, they take spirituality very seriously. God is not mocked here, he's feared and worshipped.
You must understand that in Africa things like witchcraft and divination are still practised. According to one source I've spoken to, about three children disappear each month here in Cape Town alone. Their body parts are used as muti (Medicine) by Sangomas (witchdoctors).I won't insult your sensibilities by showing images.
Ancestor worship is also a big thing but the hope that is offered by Jesus and his promise of care is taken very seriously. Africa is a poor continent, people here reach out to god with sincerity of heart, which is a good thing.
Christianity actually came to Africa via Egypt before the destruction of Jerusalem in 70ad. Despite persecution and false teachings, the church was established in north Africa long before it reached Europe,  in fact north Africans were the first to embrace Christianity.
A divided Africa (Source)
With the arrival of Islam after 700 ad, Christians in north Africa were forced to flee to Europe or into the southern part of the continent. Today Islam is predominant in north Africa, while Christianity is more accepted in Sub-Saharan Africa, with a zone where the two meet which is dominated by war and destruction.
Yes Jesus is in Africa, no doubt about it. Hope and freedom are qualities inherent in Christianity that the African people do Appreciate.
There is still much to be done here and those who come to help will have their work cut out for them, but they will not be alone, the International Pentecost Holiness Church (IPHC) that owns the farm where I live is working to eradicate some of the more abhorrent Africa cultural practices and is doing a fine job.


  1. What an important post, Geoff.

  2. Thanks for the glimpse into African religious life.

  3. Hi Geoff, I stumbled onto your blog when looking for a solution to the "time/date stamp" issue on blogger. I've been having the same problem that you had and managed to fix it when I read how you fixed yours. So thanks for posting your question.

    I've been browsing your blog and will definitely add it to my feed reader :-)

  4. Our Christian church sponsors missionaries in a country in Africa that is predominantly Muslim. They were back stateside a few months ago and had amazing stories to share about the people, and their own everyday life.

    I understand there is a huge revival going on with the Christians there in Africa? I believe in Ethopia?

    The Witchcraft you are mentioning reminds me of the reports from Haiti--many are turning away from it, even the Witch Doctors.

    I have heard/read that the less belongings and riches people have, the more they depend on God. That pretty much explains the United States' increasing rejection of God and increasing persecution of Christains.

  5. correcting my spelling here... "Christians".