7 April 2012

Giraffes in Africa

The tallest animal in the world
Oh Africa, God has blessed you with some of the most magnificent creatures just to bring you pleasure. The tallest creature in the world roams your plains with slow deliberate strides taking in your wide vistas from on high. Her long neck stretches up to take the very choicest of your delights to nourish her.
Don't you just love giraffes, I do. They are such gentle animals, not a harmful bone in their bodies. They really are amazing in design, 6 meters tall and weighing in at 1600 kilograms for the male and about half that for the female.
Their tongues are about 500mm long, that's half a meter. and a giraffe heart weighs in at an astounding 11+ kilograms, with special valves in the neck that prevent blood rushing to the head when it bends down to drink.
amazing design. (Source)

 Giraffes aren't classified as endangered, yet, but there are certain sub species that are already classified as endangered with less than 250 animals left in the wild. The West African giraffe being one of them. Private game reserves in Southern Africa have contributed to the conservation of the giraffe population but the wild population is very much under threat in other parts of Africa.
The endangered West African Giraffe.
It would be a tragedy to lose these almost mythical creatures. May the Lord preserve them.


  1. Giraffes are so cute. Your post is beautiful!

    I came from Lee's blog, and I'm glad because I find your blog simply fascinating!


  2. Great post! I love Africa too. I was born in Tunisia. Been to Zaire and traveled to the Sahara and all along the mediterranean coast. I have fond memories of Africa. The Giraffe is one of the giant creatures of the Earth that's for sure.

  3. Found you through Arlee Bird. I've always thought giraffes were the strangest looking creatures. I'm glad to hear they are gentle. I look forward to following you.


  4. Greetings, Geoff!

    Yes, I like those tall creatures! I'm a nature person and since animals are a part of nature, im curious and excited to run in to any type.

    Never been to Africa- however it is a place I'd like to vist someday!

    I too hope that God preserves the Giraffe.

    Nice to meet you! First time visiting your blog! It's very exciting!

  5. Gorgeous Giraffes!

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  6. Finally got the internet to work again. Yay!.We had rain this weekend and it seems both networks were having trouble.
    I'm going to need a bit of time to answer all of your comments, so please bare with me. Thanks to all for hanging in there.

    Mimi Tabby,
    Yes, I love them too, and thanks for the compliment, I'll come visit you just now, Geoff.

    Doris, hi.
    Thanks for the compliment. I'll be over to visit you too, in a minute or two, Geoff.

    Jackie, hello fellow African.
    Your comment has intrigued me, I'll come to your blog very soon, Geoff.

    Sara, hi.
    They certainly do seem strange don't they? There are stacks of weird animals in Africa, the giraffe is amongst the loveliest of them, well for me anyway.
    Coming to visit just now, Geoff.

    Greetings to you too Betty.
    The thing is, it's actually best not to run into wild animals, they don't like it very much. Better to stand at a distance and use binoculars, safer too. :)
    Popping over for a visit asap, Geoff.

    Linda, hello.
    Interesting combination. :)
    Thanks for the link, will be over in a moment, Geoff.

  7. Giraffs are beautiful. When I visited a zoo, I was amazed at the length of their neck. Isn't that cool, the heart/valve design of God?

  8. Hey Joy.
    They really are beautiful animals. I would go so far as to say "Stately."
    Design of God? Of course.
    Blessings and thanks for the visit, Geoff.

  9. Such a beautiful creature....the Giraffe....I bet they get to hear all of God's secrets