6 April 2012

Fun in Africa

My 50th birthday
Fun in Africa, wow, here's a topic I could really write stacks about. Africa is a place of wide open places and far horizons. This is the place to go if you are the adventurous type.
How about Bungi jumping, the highest in the world. Or if that isn't you thing how about surfing, we've got some of those really big waves, people come from all over the world to surf Africa. There is kite surfing too and para gliding and of course sky diving. And then there is the sailing. Imagine sailing round Cape Point in 42 knot winds with the waves breaking over the bow while you hang on with your toes trying to change the head sails. So exhilarating.
James atop Mount Kilimanjaro
You can climb mountains, James my son climbed Mount Kilimanjaro last year, I'm impressed. Or you can just go for leisurely walks up Table mountain like I do with Marie my friend.
I'm a man who loves the outdoors so my choices are mostly based on that. For the less active there is always golf, "Boring"  ha, ha. or Spa's, "Even more boring" and of course there is the night life.
How about a stage production at the Arts Cape theater or an evening dance cruise in Table Bay?
Africa is an exciting place, no matter what you like doing, it's all here. And I'm just talking about South Africa.
Go Ballooning over the Serengeti

Why not visit the sphinx in Egypt or go fishing for Tiger fish in lake Kariba or take a safari into the more tropical regions. Mozambique with its azure blue seas and tropical climate. Being fed on tropical fruits and lobster could entice some of you I'm sure. Or a balloon ride over the Serengeti plains during the migration, wow.
Africa's got more than just fun It's got life.
Come on, what are you waiting for? Bring your kids, there's lots of fun waiting for you in Africa.


  1. Like I said before, you are a wild, wild man. Sounds like you live life to the fullest, my Fine Feathered Friend Afrikan Friend. Beautiful, exciting country, Africa is. You are blessed to be living there, and I think there may not be an end to what you can share with us in your writings.

  2. is it true that Mt Kilimanjaro no longer gets white from snow?

    I am enjoying learning about Africa.

    Mimi Torchia Boothby Watercolors

  3. I don't know, Geoff - I think I'd have to be a much more courageous person than I am to attempt some of those feats.

    I would like to vist, Africa- sounds so inviting! i'm sure I'd have a lot of fun and learn alot!

    Thanks for providing the photos and the great information!

    Always willing to learn about something new!!

  4. Joy, hi.
    Managed to get my Internet working again, at last. Nice to hear from you, sorry for the long break, stupid computer.
    Wild wild man? No not really, just blessed to have a wandering type lifestyle and career, well so far anyway. There is so much to tell about Africa that for me to choose subjects has been really hard.
    Oh well, what can I say?
    I'll catch up with you in the morning. Blessings my fine feathered Amerikan friend, Geoff :)

    Mimi, hi.
    There's still ice on top of Kilimanjaro, well glaciers anyway. But from what I've heard, it won't be there in about ten years time. Global warming and all that stuff, you know.
    Thanks for stopping in, Geoff.

    Betty welcome to my world.
    Thousands of foreigners come to Africa every year. It doesn't take courage, it takes money.
    Tourism is very big in Africa and those who come here are very well treated and looked after. No you don't really have to be brave to visit Africa. Those who come on a shoe string budget must rough it a bit, but for the average visitor, a quality vacation here is very affordable.
    Blessings young lady, Geoff.