Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Dress in Africa

Ndabeli traditional dress
For the ladies, African dress style. Beautiful, isn't it?
There are so many different cultures spread through Africa that it's going to be difficult for me to give you an overall impression of  how people dress here when wearing their traditional costumes, but I'll try as best I can.
President Jacob Zuma in traditional Zulu dress.
In South Africa alone we speak 11 different languages so You can imagine the diversity of dress forms. In the rural areas men and women still dress in the traditional style and going to town warrants the best outfit for the day.
With the modernization of our society has come a change to more western dresses, the women are still beautiful when attending functions and dinners.
Western dress styles in Africa
                          The African people are a proud people and are very conscious of their looks, I'm not surprised.
Of course I can only give you a glimpse of what is worn here, Africa is very big and I've only traveled in the southern regions.


  1. While the dress is beautiful, I also noticed that people there aren't as overweight as we Americans!
    I think the attire there puts us to shame! Love Di ♥

  2. Love the costumes and dress. Here in the US I have often seen people wearing African Dress styles and I agree- very beautiful style especially when I see the women wearing the hats and dresses, which anymore in this country, hats are almost obsolete to see. Thanks for sharing.

  3. The President may have been wearing traditional dress, but looks like he forgot to change out of his Nikes.

  4. I've always enjoyed learning about different cultures! Doing so is one of the spices of life!

  5. I have been extremely busy and have been away from reading your blog way too long.
    How delighted I was to begin to catch up and see your posts about your homeland of Africa. I have always been intrigued and fascinated about the entire continent as well as all the countries and people with their individual cultures.
    My recently new friend who is from Kenya just returned from a trip back home and brought me a gift of a beautiful bowl as well as a colorful and lovely fabric that is to worn as a skirt. I was delighted and so grateful for her generous gift. There is so much to learn. I am often embarrased that as an American other countires know so much more about AMerica than we do about other countries. I have history that is European from my parents and grandparents, I was born in Canada and living in the USA. Thank you so much for sharing stories, photos and history.
    I hope your Easter Day was blessed and that your joys are many,

  6. Diana, the lady with a lovely smile, hi.
    You know a lot more about American people than I do so I'm just going to have a laugh and a smile. Ha, ha, ha. :) How's that?
    Blessings my friend, Geoff.

    Gossip Girl, Hello again.
    Hats are still very much in fashion with the African people, I certainly think that a woman wearing a hat looks particularly elegant. Thanks for the comment and may the Lord bless America, Geoff.

    Ha, Ha, Ha. You crack me up.
    They're called takkies here, that has become part of their tradition, funny isn't it? :)

    Betty, it's time for you to experience it first hand now, he, he, he.
    Chat later, Geoff.

    One Woman's Thought's, welcome back.
    You have been very blessed to have a friend bring you gifts from Africa, very blessed indeed. Not everyone is so fortunate. Hand made, how about that.
    You've just planted a seed in my brain, Hmm, I'll have to think about it before I let on. :)
    Don't worry about what the rest of the world knows about different countries, it's not really a problem. You have a very active media, whereas places like Botswana and Lesotho, for example, don't really have much in the way of broadcasting abilities. That's why you come here to make movies, it's still unexposed, if you know what I mean?
    So you are a European, Canadian born American? Lots of scope there for cultural adventure wouldn't you say. :)
    Yes I did have a very pleasant Easter and my joys are indeed many.
    Blessings and salutations, Geoff.

  7. beautiful! this is so chic and elegant but so easy :) thanks for the tutorial!