Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Cats of Africa

The beauty queen of Africa's cats, the fastest of all the land animals lives right here in Africa, the Cheetah. 113 KM per hour or to put it another way for our foreign visitors 70 miles an hour. Aren't they just the most beautiful of creatures? Human friendly too, well sort of, I'm not so sure I would want to come across one of these athletic animals in the wild. I get the impression running would be pointless. Speed is her method of feeding her young and even though I can run, 113 Km per hour is a bit beyond even me.

The Mighty Lion
Of course the majestic Lion, king of the beasts and his entourage of lionesses and cubs, his pride, rule the plains. Resting under Acacia trees during the day or upon a rock pedestal with a good outlook, they wait for the cool of night. The roar of this magnificent beast is enough to send a chill down the spine of  even the bravest hunter, even the largest land animal, the African elephant is not safe from this ferocious killer, in fact, nothing living is.
Leopard (Source)

The stealthy Leopard, the terror of villagers throughout Africa, they come in the dead of night stealing live stock and people alike. Unafraid, they venture into villages and towns seeking dinner, a chicken here, a lamb there or whatever happens to present itself as an offering. Don't be caught out in the open with one of these cats stalking you, your chances of survival are minimal.
The fearless Serval cat
The leopard has been hunted to near extinction because God chose to clothe them so magnificently. It's a crying shame. As far as I know the lion and the leopard are the only two cats mentioned in the bible, both exquisite animals.
That's enough about big cats, there are also a variety of small wild cats here too, about 7 different species as far as I know.
The Cerval Cat is no threat to farmers, they hunt mice, birds and small animals. Strangely they seem to be water loving cats. This is a southern African cat not found in the desert areas of our beautiful continent, another really beautiful hunter.
The African Lynx
The Lynx on the other hand is a cat to be wary of. Farmers have a real problem with them. Also known as the Rooi-kat, they are found in a wide range of habitats throughout Africa and are partial to lambs and kids. Not an endangered species.

My recommendation is you click on a few of the links under the photographs and find out a bit more. We have a variety of really beautiful cats to enchant the eye. God was gracious when he gave us these amazing creatures to share our planet. As you may be able to tell, I'm a cat man, I like them.


  1. Such glorious animals. Enchanting, indeed.

  2. You forgot the Black footed cat and the Sand Cat

    This is a beautiful post, but we MUST remember that there are also small beautiful cats, even more endangered because they are unknown to us.

    Thank you for posting.

    Mimi Torchia Boothby Watercolors

  3. They are so beautiful - majestic and elegant - and our tiny domestic cats share so many of their characteristics.

  4. The majestic cat! I love them all and where I live I am happy to say we the relative of the panther here and that is the cougar or mountain lion. We also have the bob cat and the Canadian lynx all of these we have seen and on a few occasions have had scares from the cougar.

    I sure am wondering if you have ever ran across one of these sweet beasties.


  5. Beautiful... and I'm a dog lover :). I could use the Cheetah at 113 KMH in Sydney traffic, if I could tame one.

    Living in South Africa, do you ever get blase about the exotic nature of these animals?


  6. Cats are one of my favorite animals! Fascinating creatures!

    I have two cats; I never cease to be amazed by their behavior!

  7. Hey Susan, nice to hear from you.
    They are cool aren't they? Wouldn't you just love to have one at home, it'd certainly keep unwanted visitors out, he, he, he.
    But seriously though, you are right they really are glorious creatures.
    Thanks for the visit, blessings, Geoff.

    Mimi, hi.
    No I didn't forget them at all. There's also the golden cat and the African Wild cat. The links under my pictures, in all my posts, take you to the relevant sites where much more is available. I cannot get anywhere close to telling all about this continent and everything there is to know about it, well not in these few short posts anyway.
    No I didn't forget them but thanks for the links all the same. Bless you my concerned friend, Geoff.

    Jabblog, hello.
    Welcome to my blog. They really do share a lot of characteristics don't they? I've got three domestic cats at the moment, and have had many more over the years, Absolutely love them.
    Thanks for the visit and may God bless your kitties, Geoff.

    Child of God, hi.
    If you are living amongst these wild cats then you are living in a relatively un-populated area, or so I would imagine.
    I think your Cougar is probably about the size of a small leopard, a very dangerous Cat here in Africa.
    No I have not yet run across one of these wild cats, well not while out in the country unprotected. I don't want to, thank you very much. It's kinda like putting your head in the mouth of a crocodile, not really something you want to do. :)
    I've seen lots of them of course, but from the safety of a Land Rover.
    Thanks for the visit, and curiosity, crazy lady! :)
    Blessings, Geoff.

    Judy, Hi.
    I would imagine that if you had a Cheetah in Sydney, you probably wouldn't have much traffic to worry about, tame or not. Actually, if you did have one you would attract so much attention, they are magnificent creatures.
    No, we don't get blase` about our animals. Maybe the game rangers do after a while, but the rest of us have to go on Safari to see them. South Africa is pretty much a first world country, unlike a lot of the rest of Africa. I'm one of the fortunate few who live in nature and I can assure you I never get bored with our creatures.
    Anyway, I'm sure you get the picture. Thanks for visiting, we'll catch up later, Geoff.

    Hey Betty.
    Two cats, that's cool. Did you know that cat's eyes don't move in their heads the way dog's eyes move. Check it out.
    When you dog is lying down and you say something to him you'll see he'll just move his eyes, not his whole head. Cats don't do that, they move their whole head and where their eyes are looking is where their ears and whiskers are pointed too. Of course that implies their teeth too. I can tell you a whole lot about cats, I've had them my whole life, love em.
    Blessings girl, chat later, Geoff.