21 April 2012

African Safari

African Safari (Source)
Safari, an overland journey into Africa for the purposes of either hunting (not my choice), photography (my choice) or exploration (also cool). Meaning "Long journey" in Swahili and and introduced into the English language by the explorer sir Richard Burton, , one of Africa's first European explorers.
Luxury safari accommodation.
Today, a safari usually means a visit by tourist, either by air or by overland vehicle to undeveloped areas in Africa where game is still abundant.  Tented camps with permanent facilities such as showers and comfortable beds are easily accessed through tour operators.

Overland truck adventure group
Things have changed a lot since those early explorers ventured deep into darkest Africa with their quinine and long rifles. Now you will be pampered and have the finest cuisine available each evening while you sit around the campfire swapping photographs and stories. That is of course if you choose to go the luxury route. There are other much more affordable options. My personal recommendation would be to join an overland safari group, say Xama adventures and safaris who take groups on safaris throughout Southern Africa. Places like the Okavango Delta, Victoria Falls, Namibia and the great Kalahari desert. A more affordable alternative and lots of fun. It's always so much more fun to travel with a group.
Air medical rescue (Source)
Most places will accept dollars or the local currency and should you find yourself in need of medical assistance, there is always a way out.
Africa is an amazing place to go walk about and the best way to do that is by joining an overland Safari.
A safari game drive in open Land-rover.

Tourism is a growing industry in Africa and since most people who visit our continent would love to see our animals in the wild, going on Safari is the route to go. Go on, take a break and come on safari with real African adventurers, you won't be disappointed. Remember, Memories last a lifetime, what a story to tell your grand children, "I went on Safari to Africa." If not, keep reading :)


  1. This looks like the perfect holiday. When I was younger I would have tried it.My cousin actually worked over there as a surveyor, and have some wonderful experiences. Once he was chased by a rhino, he had a good head start in his jeep. I love looking at the animals in the wild. I would be fearful of being too close to those elephants. But, they are one animal I have a strong heart of love for..

  2. Exhilarating! A friend of mine is taking her family on an African safari this summer. Can't wait to see all the pictures and here about their adventures!

  3. I was only in Africa once. It was for a high school trip and was just for the day. We were in Spain and traveled by ferry across the straights of Gibralter. I can't even remember the town or towns in which we traveled that day but I do remember how awesomely beautiful it was. Everything about that day was so different from anything we had ever experienced before. Of coarse we were all around 15 and 16 so this was a real adventure even though there was no Safari involved. Just mainly a bus ride along the coast and some shopping at an outdoor market. Also a deliciously different dinner. I only have a couple of photos left of that trip. But it was one that I would never forget and would love to go now that I'm a big girl!!
    Love Di ♥

  4. Oh I just remembered! It was Morocco!
    Love Di ♥

  5. I've always wanted to go on an African safari! I'd love to see the animals up close in the wild! I am sure it would be quite the adventure and that it would be very memorable.

    Jordan Hood