Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Been there, done that.: ONE YEAR OLD TODAY!

Been there, done that.: ONE YEAR OLD TODAY!

I've joined Siv Maria's blog fest. Above is the link to her challenge, What was your first blog post?
Check out the others who have risen like feeding trout to the challenge.


  1. Haha, risen like feeding trout.:D that'S a new one. It's great to meet you Geoff.:)

  2. I've read it on the other blog. So I've discovered new things about your start in the blog world. Very interesting. Indeed many women are blogging, if you look at my blog you'll find a man who occasionally responds. (Someone from Germany) I think you would like his blog interesting. I wish you joy of blogging

  3. Hi Fine Feathered Friend...

  4. Cecelia hi.
    Great to meet you too. From Kenya, hmm interesting. I have very few African blogging friends, most of them from South Africa, welcome to my world, Geoff.

    Hello Jedidja,
    yeah I've noticed that too. Maybe it's just the type of people who actually have the time to sit at a computer that blog. I'll pop over to your blog and look up "Someone from Germany's blog, he he."
    May you also find joy in blogging. Blessings friend, Geoff.

    Hi Joy.

  5. Does that make me the fisherman? Thanks for spreading the word and helping me celebrate my blogs birthday

  6. Hahaha nice. I can't really remember much about my first post, except that it showed a lot of my inexperience with the bloggosphere.


  7. That was a nice shot of you Geoff over on Marie's blog. Lookin' good, dude!

  8. I left you the Veritile Blogger gift on my blog, it you want it just pop over.

  9. OK, time to answer all your comments, Thanks so much for the visits while I was away.
    Siv hi.
    I didn't think of it in that way but you do raise a valid point. I'm not sure whether you have trout in Norway, more likely Salmon. But for you we'll all throw a line in :)
    Misha hello lovely lady.
    It just popped into my head, who knows why, but it does paint an interesting picture. Inexperience? You have no idea, I didn't even know what cut and paste meant and now look at us. (In my case still in the dark, but getting better :))
    Joy hi.
    Thanks, nothing to do with me, just the way God made me. With Marie I can relax, you know what I mean?
    Gossip Girl, welcome to Geoff's blogs.
    Thank you so much, I'll pop over right now and take a look see. I may not be able to get it to work on my blog but I'll try.

    To all of you, Bless you and thanks for stopping by, I really do hope Siv gets those extra followers she was talking about.
    Thanks again, Geoff.