Sunday, February 19, 2012

Wine and Holy Communion

Bouveret; Last Supper
Holy communion. Have you ever wondered about the elements Jesus served to his disciples and the words he used?  I have, often.
Today we had communion in church and while I was sitting there I started thinking about my earlier post Bread and Stones and how bread is similar in texture to meat, how it builds you up and nourishes you. This got me thinking about the wine too.
You see, Jesus gave his disciples wine with the words,"Drink from it, all of you. For this is my blood, the blood of the covenant, shed for many for the forgiveness of sins.",not grape juice or water. Why? Well the scripture that came to mind comes from the book of Judges chapter 9 verse 13, "But the vine answered: What, leave my new wine which gladdens gods and men."
There is another scripture at the end of the book of Proverbs which reads, "Give wine to the embittered; such men will drink and forget their poverty and remember their trouble no more." 31 verses 6and 7. (Yes I know they don't serve wine because of alcoholism and so on, but lets put that aside for the moment.)
Lets be absolutely honest here, The covenant, sealed in the blood of Jesus for the forgiveness of sins, does indeed gladden our hearts and if, when in trouble or embittered we turn to that self same covenant, we do forget our troubles and see things from a completely different perspective.
Jesus also talks about new skins for new wine and of course he also talks about the vine and so on. You must admit that once you've drunk from the new covenant and accepted the forgiveness of your sins, your life can never be the same again, you have a new life filled with a new kind of wine.
Cheers; Susan Jenkins
In our church, Holy Communion is treated as a very solemn occasion. We should be holding our glasses up and shouting "CHEERS"  with gladness in our hearts. I'm convinced Jesus would prefer it that way.
I'm curious to know whether you still partake in Holy Communion at your place of worship and, if so, how do you view the occasion, with solemnity or exuberance?
Any other observations, now that you've begun to look at things a little differently, will be welcome.
Blessings to everyone on this Sunday, Geoff.


  1. I always take communion with deep reflection. I think about the night before he died. I ask forgiveness for my sins and for Him to create a clean heart within me. To me it is serious..but I can see what you mean about being joyful..I am going to tell my daughter about this. I drive an hour to go and see her. We will be together on Wednesday and will rejoice in that.. and we will have communion together..Bless you Geoff.

  2. yes I still take communion..."an outward and visible sign of an inward and spiritual grace" do I view it (short version) as a connection to God/Jesus! I take the responsibility of the occasion with solemnity but I feel the exuberant joy of it also!

    I'm not sure how you would view my personal relationship with God Geoff! I don't doubt for one minute that he has been part of me since the moment I was conceived (or before since God is in EVERYTHING...every stick stone cell)! Together we've been through good times and rocky times! He stuck with me/I stuck with him! He is/I am! Over the years I've read about many different religions, I have a great deal of respect for those who are Jewish...and in essence see myself as a Gentile Jew! God did not stop being Jewish when he gave us his son to die for our sins! And Jesus did not stop being Jewish because he brought us a new way of relating to God. My beliefs are simple...because Jesus' approach to how we needed to live our lives was basic and simple. He preached on hilltops from boats in people's homes...he brought God into our hearts as he would a child "suffer the little children to come unto to me and forbid them not for such is the kingdom of heaven" I try to be as a child for God/Jesus, to keep my slate clean for that which will come from God to teach me. I don't always slate get cluttered up with "crap" and I have to get busy and clean it. At times I'm willful, truculent, disobedient, stubborn, and on and on. God has his hands full...but the miracle...he NEVER gives up on me even when I've sunk to the bottom of the barrel! I would not want to live in a world where there was no God to be there when we all needed him!

  3. Theanne hi.
    I can't judge your personal relationship with God. I know your struggle and how you try to be as good a child as possible, I do too, but your relationship with God, only you and He can know.
    Jesus was a humble man, not a braggart. His sermons were always aimed at bringing people back to God, not driving them away. He gave hope, even to me and has on more than one occasion dragged me back from the brink of destruction.
    No I don't want to live in a world without God, even though there are people all over the world telling us he doesn't exist, mostly people who view themselves as the wise. Their time will come when their own mortality will stare them in the face. If, at that crucial time, they still deny God, then so be it. But, judging by the way you have shown love to Donn and Baron indicates that you are not like that, more of a humble person, someone I'm honored to be associated with.
    Bless you Theanne and you Baron, don't sweat the small stuff, he will never let go of you, never, Geoff.

  4. Crystal Mary, thanks for visiting again.
    For me it's serious too but in the psalms we are called to sing and dance and shout with grateful hearts.
    You have a safe trip on Wednesday my friend and have lots and lots of fun, you deserve it.
    Bless you Crystal Mary, Geoff.

  5. Hi Geoff,
    Yes, our church celebrates communion the second Sunday of every month. Our pastor leads into reflection on our sins and really holds us accountable to the price of the cross by if we have unforgiveness in our heart that just to let the cup and bread go by and not partake.

    I guess you would say our communion is solemn and joyous both at the same time. Personally I would like to spend time reflecting on Jesus and what price He paid then I would love to shout for joy because I am now free!!!

    An observation that my husband made concerning wine is the wine from 2000 years ago is not the same alcohol content as what we have today. It was a lower percentage of alcohol somewhere around 4 or 5 percent. I don't have the resource to back up that claim as it was my husband that told me about this but if I do find proof I will send it on. I do know that my neighbours from when I was growing up, were Italian and they had wine every night with their meal but it was very diluted with pop. They said just enough alcohol to help you digest dinner.


  6. When our church body celebrates communion, it is a solemn occasion--thinking of the price Jesus paid for forgiveness of my sin. I can see how one could actually shout for joy in appreciation of this undeserving gift. Mostly, I use it as a time of quiet contemplation of what Christ did for me and how thankful I am.

  7. We call it the Sacrament, and we partake every Sunday. It's a time to contemplate the Saviors life and his eternal mission. As I watch the young boys (age 12-13) pass the sacrament, I am reminded of how the Lord wants us to 'feed' each other.

  8. I partake in Holy Communion. It is the body and blood that Christ shed for our sins that replenishes my soul. This is what we believe and also what I feel as I partake. There is nothing like that feeling.
    Love Di ♥