Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Saint Valentines Day 2012.

Here we are 14th February 2012.Saint Valentines Day.
This day is predominantly celebrated, in my opinion, by women, let all men beware, don't forget this day or else. He, he, he.
But seriously what is this all about? Did you know that this guy was imprisoned for marrying Christian couples who were being persecuted by the Romans at the time. So in truth this day actually marks the marriage of Christians, some one thousand seven hundred years ago, at a time when honest God fearing people  were being murdered and used to entertain crowds in the roman circus, and has nothing to do with love letters and poems, well not entirely anyway.
What would happen if today, you Mr Man, went home without flowers or neglected to e-mail your girlfriend or give her some token of your undying love? Hmm! But if you don't forget and do take flowers home or take her out to dinner and so on and so on. You know the answer to that don't you.
This is one of those rare days in the year when all a woman wants is for someone to give her a token of their affection, not even anything big, it must just say LOVE.

So what I'm going to do is post a few pictures here for the women of the world, since I'm unattached no one is going to get upset about it :)

 Ok so there you have it, a bunch of flowers from Geoff in Cape Town.
Happy Valentine's day ladies.


  1. Lovely flowers, Geoff. Interesting information about St. Valentine's life - and what it has come to represent. Thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog. Keep in touch!

  2. enjoyed the flowers and send you happy thoughts for St Valentine's Day! my Don and I had fun finding little tokens of esteem to give to one another all through the year...flowers were only part of it! he would never have forgotten...some of his last thoughts were of wanting to have a gift for me for Christmas (he died the third week in October)!

  3. Annie hi.
    I so enjoyed your post, sort of an addendum to my post. The flowers are for you girls who's hearts still beat madly at those words.
    God bless you, Geoff.
    Theanne welcome.
    I know how much you and Don loved each other and don't have to struggle to understand your tokens of affection you searched out for each other, I used to do the same thing.
    You must miss him very much on this particular day and my heart goes out to you and of course Baron too who also loved him.
    Bless you my lovely lady friend, enjoy the flowers, Geoff.

  4. Interesting perspective and contribution I assume to our very small lovefest. Thanks and next time I have a party I hope you bring some flowers :)

  5. Oh Geoff... thank you so much for the flowers... so thoughtful of you. ;)

  6. What an interesting story about St. Valentine. I had no idea. Thanks for sharing that story and the flowers are lovely; thank you!! :)


  7. Your so thoughtful Geoff, thank you for the lovely flowers!
    I have heard the history of St. Valentine's Day before. It's quite an interesting story.
    I'm a bit indifferent about the holiday. My husband is rarely home on Valentine's Day unless it falls on a weekend and sometimes he's not even home then. I used to feel so bad when I would see other couples going out together knowing that I couldn't be with my Valentine. But after 23 years of marriage, I don't think about it much anymore. He still surprises me though, he called me this morning and told me where he had hidden a card for me! I was pretty surprised. I think we will go on a date this weekend.
    Hearts and Flowers to you Geoff, Love Di ♥

  8. Reply to comments time again. Sometimes it does take me a while to get round to it, thanks for being patient with me.

    Siv hi,
    it was kinda small wasn't it. But I will say those who participated, as few as we were, still all had very interesting and diverse views.
    And yes I'll certainly bring flowers to your next party. Maybe an orchid or two from the farm?

    Morning Joy,
    You so deserve them and all from my garden too. A very inexpensive Valentines day gift.

    Child of God hello again,
    Yes it is actually a very interesting story. Believe it or not, he wasn't killed because of helping Christians but because he tried to convert the Emperor. 14 February was the day he was murdered. I bet you didn't know that? As far as the flowers are concerned, you're welcome as they say in America or as they say here, U's welkom!Or, dis n plesier.

    Di what can I say but welcome?
    I'm SO impressed with your husband's thoughtfulness, He really does love you. Not every man who spends time away from his wife at this time of the year would do that.
    Have a wonderful date, hearts and flowers for you too.

    And so, to all I've addressed in these comment replies, I would like to say thanks and to bless you from the bottom of my heart. May this year bring such love in your daily lives that you become a little overwhelmed, Geoff.

  9. I meant to tell you, I love the Calla Lilly, that is what it is, correct? I wanted to have those in my(first) wedding bouquet as they are so elegant, but ended up with Cybidium orchids instead. So you grow orchids, do you? Such an interesting man.

  10. BTW... those INSANE letters one is to type in for verification--even a human (at least this one) has trouble seeing what they are. Grrrr... :(

  11. actually, I think that should have been 'cymbidium'. I'll give those crazy letters another shot here... (second try)

  12. Does that Sweet Allisum (sp.) (the small white flowered plant) grow wild there? I love the way it smells when the sun has warmed it up, although I actually think it smells like a wet dog!

  13. Hi Joy.
    The lilies are arum lilies,(Vark oore in Afrikaans meaning pigs ears) they grow wild here in winter. They die down during summer, I suppose because of the heat and dryness.
    No I no longer grow orchids, we used to farm Cymbidiums and Cattleyas a long time ago along with Chrysanthemums for the flower market. That was when my father was still alive and we were living on a small holding between Johannesburg and Pretoria.
    The Orchids I now have access to grow wild here on the hill.
    As far as word verification is concerned, I've turned it off. I cannot read these new types of letters they expect us to re-type. Come on Blogger, be reasonable.
    The Asylum flowers don't grow wild here, I had a packet of seeds I scattered about ten years ago and to date they are still around. I'm not sure what they smell like, I do know my dogs like to lie on them during the day.
    Thanks again for visiting and, as you know, I send blessings too, Geoff.