Sunday, February 26, 2012

Images Melkbosstrand

The main road leading to the beach
I thought I'd publish a few of my pictures of Melkbosstrand, the little town where I live. It's not a big town with a population of about 20 000. Melkbosstrand is situated on the west coast about 35 KM from Cape Town and is primarily a residential area. The town is growing, but because of the Koeberg nuclear power station, won't be able to grow too big, there are restrictions on the number of permissible residences.
The beach is quite long, about three kilometers from the town main road to Koeberg and is a favorite kite surfing and surfing spot. Fishing is also popular here and on a hot day the beach fills up with families enjoying the outdoors.
There are a number of restaurants here, some of them quite good, others, well we all have our preferences
During the week most people migrate to work in surrounding areas so the town becomes a lot quieter, children are at school, dads are out working and moms and grandparents abound. It's a lovely little place.
Because this is a fairly windy little place we get people from all over the world coming to kite surf and to play in the waves. There aren't many jet ski's though, just kids on body boards, surfers and people taking their dogs for walks among the kelp and other debris cast up at night.

Sniff, sniff, dig, bark, chase seagulls, pant, pan!
On the weekends of course things get a bit more crowded with children everywhere accompanied by parents enjoying the break from the office.
  Our shopping centre, otherwise known as Birkenhead centre, is as you can see, not exactly huge, just big enough for us. They tried to maintain the seaside feel when designing this place and, to be honest, they did well. There are a number of fast food options available in town such as Steers (burgers and hero rolls), Kentucky Fried Chicken, both in Birkenhead centre.
A fish and chip shop on the main road, by the way, I like fish and chips freshly caught and never having been frozen, yum. There are of course the obligatory pizza spots and Chinese take away's.
In the evening these restaurants on the coast road tend to fill up with people enjoying a sun-downer. Here the sun sets over the sea, directly in front of Melkbos so these spots are very popular.
This blue building houses the Seafood Lapa Restaurant, Eastern Fusion, A sushi bar and of all things, a barber shop that's been there for as long as I can remember.
That's enough of statistics. Here are a few pictures to give you some idea what this place looks like. It is a great little town in my opinion.
Atlantic Beach Golf Estate 

Assemblies of God Church

Construction site in Melkbos centre

This way

Interesting Antiques

For the ladies, very pretty.

Especially for Joy

One of the antique shops

Outside Storar's, the other Antique shop

African Grey Parrot inside

For the men, very old blow torches

Picnic baskets

Storar's exterior

This is exactly like the desk I had while still at school

Artists works

Things coastal

No drinking allowed

Oh yes, we get these here

fisherman's boats

Koeberg nuclear power station

Youngster casting a net

The patient fisherman

Looking inland from the water's edge

Having a great time

Still too early for the life guard

The ice cream shop right on the beach, yum


One of the best restaurants, bookings needed

Not yes dominated by high rise buildings

Going mobile Melkbos style

Making Memories

For the men

Restored and historic

OH YEAH! Take note.

One of the residential roads leading up from the beach

Family time

My car is in the shop for repairs so these pictures were taken over a two day period, lots of walking.
Welcome to Melkbosstrand.
Blessings to all visitors, Geoff.


  1. What a quaint and lovely town Geoff. I've always dreamed of living on the ocean. But just living close to a town like this would make me smile!
    Love Di ♥

  2. It does look like a nice place, not over-developed, and having pretty much what one would need. It reminded me a lot of southern California and Florida beaches, but of course, MUCH less developed. It looks like a fairly quiet place to live. I LOVE seeing the palm tree... (sigh).

    You have some nice shots here. Have you ever seen a whale? That would be cool. I would be okay with seeing a shark, but after seeing one, I'd probably never venture more than a foot deep in the water. The beach looked quite relaxing. Do shells wash up and do you collect some?

    That little antique shop and furniture shop looks interesting. I thought it was kind of amusing that they sell the sorts of things that are popular in this country also. Oh, and thank you so much for the personalized sign, I appreciate it...

    Mmmm... seafood... yummm... I want some. BTW... noticed your reflection in the store mirror. Looks like Geoff was having a little relaxed time for himself.

    Car in the shop for repairs? The car you bought from Shelly?

  3. Hello Di. What can I say? I'm blessed. I'm a coastal boy, always have been and probably always will be.
    Bless you my friend, Geoff.

  4. Hi Joy.
    Florida is warm and tropical, not so here. The west coast of South Africa isn't yet developed because the east coast is so much more holiday maker friendly, warm and further east, tropical. We get wind here and the cape is known for being windy and cold. Shh, don't tell them, we like it that way. The palm isn't a coconut palm, more like a date palm. Actually, I don't know what type of fruit it bears, no coconuts though.
    Yeah, some of the shots are really nice, all with my little point and shoot, love it.
    Have I seen a whale, yes of course I have, lots in fact. I sail and we see them at sea often enough but they also come here to breed. We get dolphins as well, lots of them too. I've caught sharks, and while out deep sea fishing have had them all around the boat but I've never seen one while diving or swimming.
    The only type of shells that wash up here are black mussels and abalone. The abalone shells, if polished up make interesting ash trays but no, I don't collect them. The ones I do have in my collection are cowries and those from the tropical areas up the east coast.
    Coastal towns are renowned for their second hand shops and artistic products, all over the world and since South Africa was a British colony for many ,many years, there are a lot of English and European style things still available for the discerning collector. I'm sure we have a lot in common as far as tastes are concerned.
    The little sign I noticed as I was leaving and immediately thought of you, not surprising really.
    Yeah the car blew a head gasket. It's an old car, 1995, and things do tend to wear out. It blew a welch plug and overheated causing the head gasket to blow. That's why I was walking around town taking pictures. I knew I was going to write a post about Melkbos and wanted to get some shots of the place. It was really enjoyable even though i knew I was going to have to walk back to the farm three kilometers away. Stopped at a pub on the way back to get a cold beer but the place smelled like puke so I didn't stay long.
    Well how's that for a comment reply? Cool hey.
    Bless you Joy and thanks for the visit and comment, or should I say the insightful questions, Geoff.

  5. Thanks for answering my questions. It would be interesting to hear more about the deep sea fishing sometime. Good decision on that cold beer.

  6. Do you attend that Assemblies of God or the Baptist Fellowship or neither? When are you going to visit Table Mountain?

  7. Joy hi. I attend the baptist church at the moment. I've only ever been up table mountain once, a long time ago. Muggings have become a regular occurrence so it's not too safe anymore. It's also rather expensive to go up by cable car so, for me, it will have to be a hike from the back with a group of friends. James goes up quite often so I might join him one day, we'll see.

  8. Okay. thanks for answering!

  9. Hey Geoffrey

    I just saw my hometown through your eyes - and realized how blessed we are to live where we do.

    Thanks pal!