Wednesday, February 15, 2012

If You Were to Meet God Today

We all have questions we would like to ask God should we meet Him face to face, right? Well this post isn't about asking questions. It's more about requests.
If you met God today and He said to you; "I will grant you three wishes. There are a few conditions though, firstly, you must believe that I will in fact give you what you ask for, secondly, the first request must remain a secret between you and I. The next condition is that one of your requests is for something you've always wanted but have never received and the last condition is, you must ask for something you've always wanted to do but never have." What would you ask for?
Now this seems pretty straight forward but it isn't all that easy. You see the first request must remain a secret, so you can't speak to anyone about it except God. No advice from friends and loved ones, no talking about it after it has happened and no writing any blog posts about it ever.
Remembering that you have only three requests that will be grant (Hypothetically speaking), the thing that you ask for will have to be something you really, really want. And whatever you would really like to do in your lifetime will have to be something special.
There are things that we can ask for like, "Lord I want your forgiveness," or "Lord I want to know you love me."
That's not what I'm talking about. You are already forgiven and God loves you as his child, that's why he is granting you these three wishes.

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So here are my two requests that I can write about, the first one is a secret remember.
Lord I want grandchildren, at least one from each of my children. Not adopted but my own flesh and blood. And since this is a wish that is going to be granted I can be specific. I must have the means to be able to spoil them, they must also live close by so I can see them often. The firstborn must be a boy and then two girls there after, a girl from each of my children. They must all live Godly lives and be compassionate and universally loved because of their contribution to society. OK that's enough of being specific as far as children is concerned.

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My last request is this; I want to sail around the world. Once again here are the specifics. I want to sail my own boat, full keeled, steel hull possibly ketch or yawl rigged. I don't want to sail alone but will if that's the only option. I want it to be a cruise lasting a number of years and of a leisurely nature, not rushed. The whole venture must be financed and for a purpose such as making a documentary of the islands of the Southern Pacific and other interesting water bound places around the world.
All three of the above requests, the first one being a secret, I ask of our Heavenly Father in the name of your precious son Jesus the Messiah.
So there you have it, Geoff's prayer requests. But this post isn't over just yet, you see this is where you come into the picture.
Post a comment with what you would ask for, keeping the first one a secret between you and God. Then close your eyes and say a prayer request for someone else's benefit, pick one of the comments, any one.
Then let us know what happens. You see, Jesus tells us in the book of John chapter 14 verses 13 and 14; "Indeed anything you ask in my name I will do, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If you ask anything in my name I will do it."  You coming back to let others know about your prayers being answered brings glory to the Father through His Son Jesus and it brings glory to Jesus the Son of God through the power of God his Father.
This may seem like a strangely selfish attitude toward prayer but both my requests I've published are sincere. I've wanted grandchildren for ages now but the possibility of that happening is indeed very remote. I've also wanted to sail around the world in my own boat now for longer than I care to think about. I love showing how God answers prayers, it's my delight to do so, what about you?
This could also be quite a scary experience so please, only if you want your prayers answered, then post a comment. Lots of love to you all, Geoff.


  1. My first prayer, that only God and I know has probably already been answered by him...I'm just to willful to see it or accept it!

    I want to be with Don when I die and am positive I will no need to pray for this, only to be thankful that it will happen.

    I would like to keep my mind and my health as long as possible...but I have to do my share to make this happen!

    So what do I pray for...worldwide peace...forever! No more war! No more violence! No more hate!

    And for everyone in the world to work as hard as they can to save out planet...even if it means giving up things that we are used to...making sacrifices..making commitments...taking responsibility!

  2. Hello Geoff, What a wonderful encouraging post.
    I add my prayer with yours for God to answer your request,as where tow or more are gathered in His name, there he is in the midst of them.
    Okay, and now mine:
    I. Is a secret and in accordance to Gods Will.
    2. My second is that my 4 children will always remain in Him. That they will prosper in health happiness, peace and contentment.
    3. That my pain goes completely so that I can be more active and loose weight.
    I ask this in Jesus name and for Jesus sake.. Amen.
    Many blessings to you. CM

  3. I don't know how you come up with these ideas, but this one is quite interesting. I'm going to have to think awhile on this...

    I will say that I will pray for you to have grandchildren--and I know what you mean about your own flesh and blood-- there is nothing like the fun of grandchildren, They love you unconditionally. When our children are growing up, we are often preoccupied with the daily tasks of providing for their needs and find ourselves worn out from that, therefore over-looking how we need to take time to enjoy them. Grandchildren are our second chance!

  4. So since this post has been about praying for each other, all I can say is I'll pray for each of you.
    I will reply to your comments though, so here goes.
    I think I lost my mind long ago :) Your health is in your own hands but from what I've read from your blog you seem to be doing OK, your mind, as far as I can tell is still in top form so I wouldn't worry about that too much.
    World peace and taking care of our planet, as long as we are all so focused on our own comfort and our own commitments to the banks, we'll never have peace.
    One day the current economic system will be done away with and all this chasing after money will come to an end. We'll spend a lot more time just enjoying what God has given to us in the form of friends and people to love. Much better.
    Our planet is the only one we have, you can't go running to the bank for a re-mortgage on this one.
    Anyway, I agree, time for us to start behaving ourselves.
    Crystal Mary,
    so good to hear from you. I hope you are having a good time overseas despite all the health issues.
    My prayers join with yours, and since there are more than just two of us, may God grant your requests, all three.
    Joy hi.
    By the time I was 25 I was already a single parent with two babies in arms, all my dreams went out the window, rats! But Hey, I got two amazing children who have brought me immense pleasure, but they "growed" up. Oh well.
    Now, if only they would make babies, Hmm.
    My ex was adopted, she only met her mother when she was already 51, her relationship with her siblings has blossomed since, but she's still the stranger in a way. I want my own grandchildren, I was a good father, by normal standards, I'm sure I'll make a good grandfather too.
    I really enjoyed my children but that doesn't mean I don't get a second chance too, I want grandchildren :)

    To all three of you who have commented I'd like to add my prayers to yours, not for myself but for you. Bless you my friends, Geoff.

  5. What I meant about grandchildren being our 'second chance', was that we don't have to worry about all the immediate needs that parents have to think about: providing, daily meals, getting them to the doctor, discipline, etc. Grandmas and Grandpas get to love, hug, spoil, and sometimes (a lot of times) just sit and listen to them talk about their day or what they are playing with, or play with them, or take them somewhere and just have fun and just spend time with them, without being concerned about getting them to bed on time and to school the next morning, do they have their schoolwork finished? We get to spoil them, and then send them home. We get to enjoy these wonderful, innocent, free-spirited, soft-skined, huggable, little humans without the worries a parent has for them. You will make a WONDERFUL Grandfather!

  6. I'm going to have to look up these sailing terms as I have no experience whatsoever with boating/sailing. Heck, I'm so afraid of deep water that I wear a life jacket in the shower...

  7. Joy hi.
    Yes I know exactly what you mean with a second chance, I want one too. :)
    Thanks for your confidence in me, totally undeserved of course.
    Ha, Ha, Ha.
    Bless you Joy, Geoff.

  8. Geoff,this is soooo ... mmm ... exciting! Not the post but the very fact that what you asking seems impossible to man, but as you and i know,with God all things are possible. And you know what? It is in the very things where we humans have no control over where God excells to our most wildest requests and imaginations!!(Hope I've written that correct). I've had an 'incident' this very past week where i have asked God 'is this possible' and one morning my phone rang and my prayer were answered!How great is our God!! Who can fathom His infinite wisdom! 'If ye have faith like a mustard seed ...'

  9. Just a quick update. My son came around to visit me on Friday evening and, in conversation, mentioned that there was a possibility he was going to be able to give me a grandchild in the not too distant future. Patience, Hmm. We'll see.

  10. Really???? !!!! Keep us posted!

  11. I'm still thinking on the two wishes, this is a tuffie. But you know what? Just considering what requests that I would ask of God, I realized, Mr. Maritz, that I have been underestimating the power of God!! Can you believe it!! I need to dream/pray BIG don't I? As NOTHING is impossible with God--correct? Yes!

  12. I still can't narrow it down to two requests, and if God answered the one prayer that I was supposed to be quiet about, how could I not shout to the world that my prayer was answered?

    I don't want to ask for frivolous things, but if I could, here's my list: a cute little Volkswagen, either citron green or vanilla color (I seen one yesterday), it has to be an automatic, and I want a black male Miniature Schnauzer, that will sit on my lap and ride around with me. That's my frivolous list for starters.

  13. Joy hi.
    May the Lord smile when he hears your frivolous requests and grant them to you just for fun, Geoff.

  14. I'll let the world know if it happens via Geoff's Blogs.