Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Geodesic Dome Pictures

Something I needed to add to my last post about building a geodesic dome, how the PVC conduits sections are connected to the joiners. So here are a few pictures for those who are interested.
The domed fence post caps we drilled seven holes into, the middle one isn't really necessary but does allow other things to be attached. The bolts are gutter bolts.

All six pipes fitted before the twist. this is what they would look like if we just went with conventional alignment, but hey, that wouldn't be very artistic would it?

This is what it looks like after doing the twist, much better, well in my oppinion anyway.

The big advantage of twisting the joiners is that it locks the tubes up against eachother. Essentialy this forces the whole dome to sort of hunker down but once all of them are twisted it sure holds together much better. The nuts only have to be hand tightened, the weight of the structure forces the plates up against the conduit, there is no way you can undo these nuts unless you use a spanner or straighten the plates again in which case they can be undone with your fingers.
The effect was not planned nor expected, it just happened and landed up giving us a much better holding power.
OK so for those who are interested in building your own domes, this was a cost effective and succesful way of doing it.
Blessings to the geodesic dome builders of the world, Geoff.


  1. I like unexpected good things that happen...life is all about discovery!

  2. Okay, now I understand how the joiners are holding things together. As I looked at the last photo, I said, "Oh yeah". Now it's perfectly clear. Sweet.

  3. Theanne hi.
    Me too. And yes it is.
    Joy, now you see. After your comment about not being able to see how it joined together I went and set up one of the joiners and a couple of pipes and took a few pictures. I realized it was needed to make everything come together.
    Thanks for pointing it out to me.
    Blessings, Geoff.

  4. Brilliant! Hmm, my son and I might just build something like this for a greenhouse. We have all the pipes and odd and ends that would work and I think most of the tools to put it together.

    Thanks for sharing Geoff. If we do attempt it I will let you know and send along a pic. I am sure it will take waaaaaaaay longer than a day for us to build it.


  5. Thank you for posting this. I am considering building a geodesic dome for relaxation and bible meditation. Your site is very helpful. Thank you.

    ~Nina Anne~