Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Research into Yawning

An interesting article I read the other day in Popular Mechanics got a friend of mine in a bit of a tizz. He's an ear nose and throat surgeon, the article was about yawning and how this could be related to brain cooling and of course he had a lot to say about it.
He thought it was a load of nonsense, Firstly the sinuses are encased in bone so how, according to the article, can they flex like bellows? Another thing is there are no muscles attached to the sinuses and there is only one blood vessel that passes through the sinuses and goes to the brain, the Ethmoid artery. Hmm. 
Well quite frankly I'm not a surgeon nor do I know anything about where blood vessels go to and why, but I can't imagine how praying can cause my brain to over heat as the article, by inference, claims.
From what I can read in another article about yawning by Jennifer Viegas, http://dsc.discovery.com/news/2008/12/15/yawn-brain-head-02.html,  heating of the brain can be indicative of other maladies such as Multiple Sclerosis and epilepsy. Maybe when your brain is too hot you could experience difficulty focussing and your mind wanders, necessitating refocussing over and over again and having to yawn each time in order to do that.
Well as I have said, I'm not an expert in scientific research into this but I can still think for myself and maintain, Yawning has something to do with spiritual perception or at least where you were thinking about at the time just prior to yawning.
I'm almost sure I will get a few comments from the scientific community with regards to this post. Welcome to Geoff's blog and his bizarre way of looking at life. You may not be able to prove the existence of God Scientifically but He can sure prove you exist, no problem.
Go down on your knees in a private place and focus on God and where He is, talk to him, and I'm almost certain you will yawn. Have fun and may God bless your research into His amazing creation, Geoff.


  1. He heee... I am first...

    Oh gee... gosh... >YAWN< Oh, excuse me, I found myself yawning while reading your post... I'd apologize, but after reading this quote from the article you have linked to, well, that explains my brain over-heating.

    "yawning more accurately reflects a mechanism that maintains attention, and therefore should be looked at as a compliment!"

    I also noticed the word 'evolved' used in a positive light, so my skeptical and cautious nature zeroed in on that and the implications thereof...

    Other than that, it is something to think about >yawn<.

  2. In fact, my brain is getting so hot, it's nuking the coffee in the cup you see in my hand...

  3. Okay... on another note: I haven't thought of Popular Mechanics for years! It was always at my house when I was growing up amongst 3 older brothers. I'd pick it up once in awhile just cause I was curious and like to read. It does contain interesting articles. I'll take a look next time I'm at the library.

  4. Hey Joy, yawn, sorry, what was I going to say? Oh yes, Popular Mechanics publishing an article on something one could consider of a medical nature? Or is it purely a mechanical response to something no one really has any answers to? Hmm, makes you wonder doesn't it?
    Anyway it was published in the South African version of what I think is actually a great publication, well the American one we used to get here until they started this .co.za one so you are probably not going to find it in your library.

  5. You've put the idea in my head Geoff...just thinking about praying has me wanting to yawn! The power of suggestion??!! The only time, in my life, my head (brain?)has felt hot is when I had an infection, such as sinusiis or infection in the inner ear, which caused my temperature to rise to 103 degrees F. or more! I think I must be missing the boat here Geoff...so I'm just going to continue to take God on faith and thank you for your interesting post!