Friday, January 20, 2012

Props and Projects

A very creative work place.
In one of my previous posts I spoke about starting work early this year and said I'd publish some pictures so you can see what I was talking about, well here they are.
A picture is apparently worth a thousand words but the addition of just a few words to a picture give it so much more meaning. There is a whole story here of how God answered a sincere prayer of mine and the effect it had on me and those with whom I've come in contact. God is amazing, He really is and to be privileged  enough to have Him answer my prayers is humbling to say the least.
Anyway, let me tell you a story of God's love and faithfulness.
It all started  on Monday the 9th of January this year. I was sitting at my desk and thinking how I was sure this was going to be a year of God's favour. I didn't want to just sit there and do nothing and so started talking to the Lord about work and money and in the process asked for His help to get things going. I wanted to build sets, being tired of kitchens and show stands I asked Him to bring me opportunities to build sets but if there was something else He had in mind it would be OK.
I'm not sure how I landed up at Warren's e-mail address but decided to send Him another e-mail letting him know I was looking for work again. Last time I contacted him he didn't have anything for me. And so I quickly composed a message and sent it off on Tuesday morning. Strangely enough I got a reply in no time at all; "Your timing is impeccable, I've got a set to build for a stage production etc etc, I'll let you know when I've got confirmation.
And so, come Thursday, I started work. there is more to this but I'll try to put it in chronological order as we go along.
The tiny workshop
The materials were all there, as were the tools needed to get this together but as I looked at the tiny size of the workshop I thought to myself; "where are we going to set this up while we build?"
Now Warren and I had never met before and as can be imagined he had no idea as to how I was going to perform and of course as always time was of the essence. I wasn't really worried, I knew there was a lot to do but was confident we would be able to make the deadline and so the making of the frames began. I had Albert to help me and Warren was going to get involved too but had a few things to take care of first.
Flats and frames

What we were doing was building timber frames and then fixing 6mm MDF (otherwise know as superwood) sheets to them thus forming what are known as flats. Essentially light weight timber frame walls with a smooth flat face. Some of them had doors in them while others were supposed to fit together at strange angles. Lots of head scratching and angles to work out, it was fun. Albert and I focussed on building the frames while Warren attended to cutting the boards to size so we could fit them.
Warren doing what I dislike, fitting locks
Not only were the frames built with built in angles but the boards had to be cut at the same angle so that when they were put together everything would meet correctly. As I said we had to keep our heads together or frames and boards could quite easily be fitted together incorrectly and go off at the wrong angle. Space was at a premium and trying to set things up in such a way as to be able to check each join to make sure they were correct was quite difficult to say the least. Each join had to be checked so that when we arrived on location there would be no snags, this we did by erecting small sections and then removing areas and joining the adjacent flats to check those joins.
Oh so limited space
Once all the boards were cut to size Albert and I fixed them to the frames while Warren went on with fitting door locks, for which I'm very grateful, I really don't like fitting locks, they're a pain. We fitted the reveals and then proceeded to cut skirtings and architraves around the doorways while Warren worked on the doors.
I must add that the temperature during this period was about 34deg C and since there wasn't much space the humidity climbed through the roof. Perspiration pouring down my face kept on getting in my eyes and I'd have to wash my head and face regularly or I'd be unable to see. It was very, very hot.
Albert knowing his photograph was being taken
Warren was really good to us, he'd pop out and buy a couple of ice cold Cokes to help keep us hydrated, you have no idea how much of a blessing that was.
Anyway, one day while we were taking a quick break to have a bit of lunch I was telling him how God answers my prayers and how I came to e-mail him. I told him about my prayer and his reaction astounded me; "That's amazing, I was sitting at my desk and thinking I should give you a ring. I went into my computer to get your number and while I was looking for it your e-mail popped up." It's so cool when things like that happen, thank you Lord.
Well Wednesday eventually rolled around and since Thursday was my son's birthday I was going to breakfast with him and so was going to be a bit late. Before leaving we finished everything so that It could be loaded onto the truck at nine the following morning even though I would be late. We were on top of it and ready to roll.
Albert and I erecting walls on stage
Thursday morning and we were off to Stellenbosch to set up on stage. The erection went very well. We had another chap to help us with holding things and as labour, Andrew. While Albert and I concentrated on the walls, Warren and Andrew finished the moving wall which was too big to be moved by truck. Everything went together like clockwork. Of course the director and others involved with the production were, in their own words, ecstatic. It's always so rewarding to have compliments voiced on delivery and of course all of us had a really good feeling about the outcome.
Warren and Andrew finishing the moving wall
The client was happy, we were on time, there were no snags, and of course within budget. It is so nice to work with people who know not only what they are trying to accomplish but are having fun and enjoying themselves at the same time. I really enjoyed this little build and pray that the Lord will bless Props and Projects in the coming year. I found Warren, Albert and Andrew to be very nice people and if God is willing would like to work with them again.
Thank you lord for starting our year off on such a positive note and thank you for introducing me to these great people.
The first Woman directed by Maynard Van Den Berg.
God's own words are:
"In the hour of my favour I gave heed to you; on the day of deliverance I came to your aid.
The hour of my favour has now come; now, I say, has the day of deliverance dawned."


  1. God answers our prayers...yours was a very direct blessed you are! The set is quite beautiful!

  2. Hi Theanne. Yes I know He does. Warren asked me whether God ever says no and for the life of me I couldn't think of Him ever saying no.
    Credit for the set goes to Warren, I was just the carpenter on this one.
    You keep well my friend, I'll pop over to your spot just now to see how you are doing, Blessings, Geoff.

  3. What an awesome story! I love hearing how God works and this one, well is one for sharing.

    Great work here Geoff, you guys did an amazing job.

    Thanks for your prayers, they are cherished and coveted.


  4. Child of God, yes this is one worth telling and fortunately, through Blogger, I'm able to do just that.
    Thanks for the compliment and to pray for someone in need of prayer is a privilege. God answers my prayers, which is very humbling in itself, so for me it is an honour to see his name being used for the betterment of others.
    May God bless you for your faithfulness and for all those who through your prayers have been blessed.

  5. Thanks Jedidja, just another day,or should I say week? in the life of someone blessed by God. I must tell you that for me not to tell of God's blessings is not possible. That could be one of the reasons non-believers find me so irritating, it's all I ever talk about. Life's tough for a non-believer Ha, ha, ha.
    Blessings my believing friend.

  6. Great story. God always provides. Thanks for stopping by my blog and offering some congratulations.

  7. Geoff,
    This post was so exciting to me! I love theatre (and have acting in many plays). I am amazed at your talent.

    The set is so important to the show. It "sets" the stage (LOL). I'm glad that God blessed you for this work and I pray that it continues.

  8. Wow . . . great story. Loving the photos of your work project too. Thanks so much for sharing.
    I am always amazed how things come together.
    Your work is looking good.
    May the Lord continue to bless you.

    Thanks for stopping by and visiting. Smiles.

  9. Geoff, this entire project has the stamp of God written all over it, but then, you know that. Wow. Team Work! I'm sure you've worked with enough men on enough projects that if someone is lazy, or has carpentry skills that are not up to par, or is difficult to get along with, you know what a blessing it is to have all involved work as a fully functioning team. Very awesome, my Fine Feathered Afrikan Friend! I love how all of this came together--was put together by the Master Carpenter Himself!

    I know you are a man and consider MDF lightweight, but wow, when I've lifted it--quite heavy and solid for me. (I've had to help move a few pieces around at times--always afraid I was going to smash my fingers!)

    It all looks great, but do you know what I love the most? The baseboard (trim) on the bottom of the walls. I just love that finishing touch. Excellent work!