Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Genesis, Interesting Observations.

Wynand and I were having a braai (Barbecue) on Saturday evening, just the two of us, and talking about all sorts of things, mostly about the Bible. One of the things I mentioned was the fact that we are not the first civilization to inhabit Earth. He of course disputed this immediately as can be expected, almost everyone does nowadays, but it's the truth. The other thing I mentioned was that we were all vegetarians at one time in the distant past, "Nonsense," he replied but that too is the truth.  Well I believe the Bible is the truth and these two statements are backed up in the book of Genesis so if you think I'm talking "Nonsense" go check it out for yourself.
Here is my reasoning for these two supposedly outrageous statements:
Genesis 6 verses 1 to 8.
Number 1.
We are not the first civilization to inhabit earth.
Genesis 6 states; When mankind began to increase and to spread all over the earth and daughters were born to them, the sons of the gods saw that the daughters of men were beautiful; so they took for themselves such women as they chose. but the Lord said, "My Life-giving spirit shall not remain in man for ever; he for his part is mortal flesh: he shall live for a hundred and twenty years."
In those days, when the sons of the gods had intercourse with the daughters of men and got children by them, the Nephilim were on earth. They were the heroes of old, men of renown.
When the Lord saw that man had done much evil on earth and that his thoughts and inclinations were always evil, he was sorry that he had made man on earth, and he was grieved at heart. He said, " This race of men whom I have created, I will wipe them off the face of the earth- man and beast, reptiles and birds. I am sorry that I ever made them." But Noah had won the Lord's favour.
And that's exactly what he did.
Genesis 7 verse 11.
In the year when Noah was six hundred years old, on the seventeenth day of the second month, on that very day, all the springs of the great abyss broke through, the windows of the sky were opened, and rain fell on the earth for forty days and forty nights.
What this means is that water was welling up from the ground and from the sky came a deluge never before or since seen.
I'm not going to get into a discussion of how so much water came out of the ground, I'll leave that for a later post (possibly).
If today the earth were covered with water, or in fact any other kind of global disaster, one would presume there would be artefacts left. Wynand was saying, "There is no evidence of previous civilizations to support your assertion." I beg to differ.

Take the Bimini road for example, how and when was this incredible structure built? Even today we don't have the technological expertise to accomplish such a feat. The pyramids, not only in Egypt but in china, South America, North America and even under the sea, are way beyond what we, the supposedly most advanced civilization to ever inhabit the earth, are capable of.
How about pieces of machinery thousands of years old?
Anyway there is stacks of evidence, we are just not told about it, mainstream Archaeologists refute it's authenticity as do geologists because if acknowledged they would throw all spheres of science into chaos.
If you are still doubtful go check out Ooparts, http://s8int.com/ there's tons of evidence.

And so now on to Number 2.

Genesis chapter 9 verses 1 to 5

We were all vegetarians at one point in the distant past. Here's what the Bible says about what God said to Noah, after he and his whole family with all the creatures that had found refuge in the ark, came out:

God blessed Noah and his sons and said to them, " Be fruitful and increase, and fill the earth. The fear and dread of you shall fall upon all wild animals on earth, on all birds of heaven, on everything that moves upon the ground and all fish in the sea; they are given into your hands. Every creature that lives and moves shall be food for you; I give you them all, as once I gave you all green plants.But you must not eat the flesh with the life, which is the blood, still in it. And further, for your life-blood I will demand satisfaction; from every animal I will require it, and from man also I will require satisfaction for the death of his fellow-man.
So there you have it, we were vegetarians and now are omnivores but we are not permitted to eat our brothers and sisters.
Are you a vegetarian or do you eat meat too, either way you are still within god's will.
Do you believe that the word of God is the truth? If so, the above explanation certainly gives validity, through His word, to my assertion that we are not the first civilization to inhabit the earth and we were also once all vegetarians.
Does this make sense to you or am I off on the wrong track again?
Blessings my friends, may you enjoy your meals in peace knowing that unless you are eating your brother, Yuck, you are still in the will of God.


  1. I agree with you 100% Geoff. I believe everything in the Bible although scientific theories still are very interesting to me! My Pastor feels the same.
    Ultimately, the Bible IS the word, truth and the way.
    Love Di ♥

  2. Hello Di. I was thinking about you only a few minutes ago and wondering how you are. Hope you are getting better, I must say I don't envy you with all you've been through lately.
    I've read lots and lots of books on subjects like anthropology, archaeology, history, quantum theory, cosmology and so on and so on but the book I always came back to and by which I gauged what was being said was of course the Bible.
    I knew there were answers in this incredible book that would make sense of everything. Having read all those other theories has affirmed this in so many ways.
    I still like to hear what other people think and what theories they come up with, some make sense, others don't, but the Bible always makes sense to me.
    Praying for your recovery, Geoff.

  3. There doesn't have to be evidence of something for it to have happened...vegetarian, of course, it's a good, basic, simple diet and it kept mankind healthy a long time! I not only want my fruit and vegetables, I'm trying hard to buy only what comes from the USA and more importantly from Florida!

    Nice post Geoff!

  4. I believe there's a lot of things that aren't necessarily expanded on in the Bible that could still have existed. After all, the Bible is the Bible, not a history book and not a science text book.


  5. Hello Geoff, I have found an interesting link as to my question, "but who were the Nephilim?" http://www.nwcreation.net/nephilim.html

    Referring to Genesis 6, vs 1-8, my New American Standard Bible reads, 2) "that the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful; and they took wives for themselves, whomever they chose." My point is, 'sons of God' not sons of gods.

    Your second point: I don't see in the Bible where it is written that the Nephilim (whoever they may have been) existed before Adam and Eve (which happened in Chapter 2.) Chapter 6, verse 4 says, "The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterward..." (mentioned in Numbers 13:33.)

    Yes, we were vegetarians before the flood of Noah. I remember you mentioning this to me awhile back. Vegetarians until God said, "Every moving thing that is alive shall be food for you; I give all to you, as I gave the green plant."

    Okay, my next point: Have you read 1 Timothy, Chapter 4, verses 1-3? The statement 3)"...men who forbid marriage and advocate abstaining from foods which God has created to be gratefully shared in by those who believe and know the truth." I am speaking of Vegetarianism--it is referred to as the "doctrine of demons" when the Apostasy comes. In Genesis 9, vs 3, God gave us "every moving thing that is alive shall be food for you..." With this, I conclude that Vegetarianism is wrong, and not God's plan/will for humans. There is nothing wrong with eating meat--God said they shall be food for us.

    The Apostasy is the 'falling away' from the faith. We are definitely in those times.

  6. Interesting . . . I am always learning something from you.

  7. A very interesting discussion.
    Joy Hi.
    Yes I've read the same scriptures but to tell the truth, in my opinion, if someone decides to become a vegetarian for honourable reasons then that's OK by me, whatever they may be. I eat meat and with the prices of foodstuffs increasing in this country the way they are, I'm inclined to eat meat far more seldom than I used to. I eat my food with a grateful heart, no matter what it may be.
    As far as Adam and Eve are concerned, the bible definitely states that they were the first humans on earth, created by God for his pleasure.
    The sons of the gods? I've also often wondered about that but don't have any answer as of yet. My bible says "gods" not capital G but lower case. Interesting.
    The Nephilim are also mentioned in the Sumerian texts, much to my surprise. They are also referred to as the men of renown.
    Jesus tells us not to judge others lest we be judged, I'm not judging anyone but instead am just commenting on interesting observations I've made in the scriptures.
    Ecclesiastes chapter 9 verse 7 states, "Go to it then, eat your food and enjoy it, and drink your wine with a cheerful heart; for already God has accepted what you have done.
    That's good enough for me, thank you Lord for my daily bread, and meat and vegetables.
    Blessings Joy, Geoff.

  8. Hello Misha.
    You are right, it's not a science book nor a history book but instead a book of the soul.
    When I'm in distress I go to the Bible for guidance but there are times when I read things other people, who don't acknowledge the existence of God, have written and wonder what makes them think they are all knowing. There is wisdom and understanding to be found here, all it takes is the willingness to recognise that the ancient scriptures are the truth.
    Bless you Misha, time to dance before the lord. Big :)

  9. Theanne and Baron, Hello there.
    I'm afraid vegetables from the US would be way beyond my budget. I do agree, support your local community.
    I like vegetables, especially cauliflower and peas. Unfortunately fresh garden peas are no longer available here, only frozen. I'm in the process of starting a vegetable garden, again, and peas are one going to be amongst the seeds I will be planting.
    Blessings to both of you, Geoff.

  10. Just checking to see if you put up something new.