Sunday, December 25, 2011

Disowned by God, Not at All

So it's Christmas day and today at church the message has brought me hope once more. Sometimes we have things happen to us that leave us feeling a bit hopeless and alone and in consequence our walk with God goes a bit haywire. There is however still hope.
One point that came across for me today was that, in the same way that I would not disown my children even if they were doing things that really got up my nose, so too God does not disown his children when their behaviour is less than perfect. As I would forgive my children no matter what, so too does God forgive his children.
All we have to do is receive it. By accepting His love and forgiveness we can once again enter into his presence and talk with Him without feeling like an intruder. This really makes sense to me, I know without any doubt that God is real and that His son Jesus is real and through what Jesus did on the cross He has made this possible. I have not been disowned by God.
I believe that when God looked at His Son hanging on the cross and being condemned to sheol He felt the pain of a parent and because of that pain can now empathise with us in our struggles here on earth.
I'm not perfect as Jesus was nor are my children but I cannot disown my children nor do I believe God can disown His children. He has no desire to see His children go to hell nor does He have any desire to disown them at any time at all.
I'm a parent and judging by my own experiences as one I can understand God so much better.
Thank you Lord for being such a tremendous parent and for forgiving us, without your love there would be no hope at all. Oh and by the way, Happy Birthday.


  1. This is great Geoff...Yes God is the best parent and the example we need to follow. I think His total love is beyond us. due to our imperfect. I wanted to go to church this morning, but my son stayed the night last night with his son and with is depression, didn't wish to be around others. So I went without, to give to him. There is a lot to his story, I pray that life improves for him this year. God bless you heaps and thank you so much for your prayer....I need it!!

  2. I hope you and yours are having a very Merry Christmas!

  3. So true, so true. As undeserving as we often are, we remain blessed.

    Thanks Geoff and may God increase your blessings in the coming year.

    Wrote By Rote

  4. Amen Brother Geoff!

    God bless you and your family!

    I hope you have a Happy New Year!


  5. Thank you for this great blog. It shows me that our Lord is graceful.
    Merry Christmas/gezegend kerstfeest.

  6. Definitely Happy Birthday to Jesus! At our family gathering yesterday we sang Happy Birthday to Jesus, the g'kids blew out candles on a pumpkin pie! Prayers for you Geoff and your children...I am hopeful the new year will bring peace to all of you!

  7. Crystal Mary,
    Hi, you did the right thing. May your son's life indeed improve in the coming year and may the Lords blessing rest gently upon you too.
    Jerry Hi,
    Yes we did have a very blessed Christmas, thanks for the blessing and may you have a great new year.
    Lee Hi,
    Thanks and may you be blessed too.
    Lloyd Hi,
    Merry Christmas to you too.
    Ron Hi,
    and may you too have a happy new year. Good to hear from you.
    Jedidja Hi,
    Geseende Kersfees na jou ook.(Afrikaans, a derivative of Dutch.)
    Theanne and Baron Hi guys,
    Oh good for you. That must have been great, cake and all.
    Thanks and peace and blessings to you too.
    Posted with love for all of you, Geoff.

  8. Hi Geoff,
    Merry Christmas!
    Funny how the closer you walk with God the harder we are on ourselves. I feel like this too. Thinking oh no, I messed up how can I talk to God now! Well, that is just Satan tricking me. God does not feel different about me than from any other person. He loves me just as much as He loves the next.

    Hang in there brother and keep on walking.

  9. I didn't really know what a father was until I met my Heavenly Father. Now I have a Father who delights in me, takes care of me, and loves me. Quite different!