Sunday, November 06, 2011

Sunday Lovely Sunday

I got a phone call yesterday, " Are you going to church tomorrow morning and if so, can you pick me up?" Yes I was going to church and so this morning I stopped at a friend of mine's place to pick her up to take her with me.

This is Angie or as I know her Vee. Vee and I met a couple of years ago while she was working at a puppy day care centre here on the farm. Now isn't that a good idea, "puppy day care"? We all know how puppies like to dig and chew and how they need to interact socially, so why not send them to day care, just like children? No more chewed furniture while mom and dad are at work, no more holes in the garden because they are bored out of their skulls and to top it off, socially tolerant animals. She was only here for a few months and then moved on to a better position in Melkbos. We didn't lose contact but only saw each other very seldom. We still exchanged calls now and then but not all that often.
Anyway as I was saying, I took her to church with me and according to her she loved it. I think it's been quite some time since she was at any church and judging by her state of mind afterwards, this could become a regular Sunday thing. Makes me happy to say that.
After church we stopped to pick up a few things for breakfast and then off to her place where she cooked bacon and eggs with fresh French loaf. Vee stays in a caravan in a caravan park here in Melkbos, very nice actually. Her's has a shade gazebo over the caravan which makes life a lot easier in summer where the heat inside can become stifling. As you can see it's a very well kept park and I suppose because of this there are quite a few permanent residents. She has been living here for about three months and in that time has put a tremendous amount of effort into her little spot. Small garden, small home, active girl and flowers seem to go together very well.
It was a beautiful day, a little chilly in the shade so we sat in her front garden in the sun chatting about God and things that are going on in our lives. Of course I told her about my blog and tried to convince her that she should write her own. She did at one point mention that she would like to write a book about her life and tell about the miracles that have taken place. Hello! Start blogging silly girl. This girl or should I rather say woman, since she and I are about the same age, has had a most interesting life (I'll leave that story to her to tell) and she has such a burning desire to get to know God better and to know his word. She talks about needing understanding, I know just what she means, There seems to be within all of us this need to understand what life is all about and the older we become the more we realize how God has already worked in our lives without us knowing anything about it.
All in all it was a very pleasant morning and from my side I found it a pleasure to be able to talk about the Lord, not everyone I know wants to know but I must admit that people who know I'm a Christian always seem to land up talking to me about the bible and Jesus. I love it, even when sitting with atheists, not that Vee's one, the conversation always turns to God, even if I don't say a word :)
And then it was time to go home. Wynand my friend was coming around to my place to perform an operation on Mini's ,one of my dogs, ears so I had to get home but that's a whole other story, Yuck. Vee had things she needed to attend to too so it was goodbye and see you during the week. All in all it was a very pleasant morning and I left in very good spirits. Thanks Vee, it was nice spending time with you.
Don't you just love Sunday mornings?


  1. Oh I do love Sunday mornings and conversing about our Lord. What a great day Geoff. And it's always nice to hang out with a good fried with common interests. Tell Vee if she starts a blog, I would love to read it. Happy Sunday my friend!
    Love Di ♥

  2. It sounds a very lovely Sunday indeed!

  3. I just love being able to converse with others about our God and His Word!

    Thank you for sharing this nice post of yours!

    God's blessings to you and her!

    From your brother in Christ,

  4. Well, here we are, a week later... did y'all have a repeat of the previous Sunday?

  5. Hello everybody. I'm in Johannesburg at the moment on a job so am unable to spend time blogging. I'll get back to Cape town during the week and will catch up with everyone then. God bless you all, Geoff

  6. A lovely way to spend the day. Sounds like you both were able to nurture each other's mind and soul.