Friday, November 04, 2011

Father God

The Lord is faithful and loving. He is also just and takes care of his children but being a father He is also strict. The kingdom of God is not a place like the place we were raised, no nothing can compare with the Kingdom of God and our lifestyle has to be different in order to live in this kingdom. This is the kingdom or domain of the spirit, the place where the soul resides, that's what makes it different, it can't be seen, touched, tasted, smelled or heard, not with our five senses anyway. But there is within us a knowing, an understanding and a longing for that place where the soul can find reassurance and peace. This is the Kingdom of God, this is where we find Him, the place where He teaches us and guides us and yes, even disciplines us for our own good. I suppose it is the heart but not a physical organ more like just understanding.
Without God to guide me I would run amok, even with him in my life I still do but He always disciplines me and guides me back to him. I don't want to fight with God or be disobedient, I want to follow Him and live at peace with him but my own sinful nature drags me off in all sorts of directions and then I land up feeling depressed and worthless because I failed again.
Fortunately the Lord is long-suffering and patient and fortunately for me, a father who knows how to discipline his children in order to be able to give them the best there is for them. To be able to call on the creator of the universe and have him answer is a privilege that goes beyond comprehension, that's what makes it so hard for those who are living outside this kingdom to understand. Nothing is impossible, nothing. When you are at peace with God even your enemies are good to you. But the most incredible thing of all is that God wants us to be in his presence. Why would the maker of the universe and everything there in want to put up with someone like me? That to me is the greatest mystery but at the same time my greatest desire, to be in the presence of God, his Son and everyone else he has called.
Lord please teach me your ways and hold me close when the testing comes, my greatest desire is to please you oh Lord and should I fail the test again please be patient.
Bless you Lord, from my heart to your's, Geoff.


  1. Wow Geoff, I sure needed to read this today. Having a bit of a rough go with my son and I messed up again. :(

    Thanks for these words they have brought great comfort to my aching heart.


  2. I found this as being a very heartfelt, touching, and a beautiful post in how you'll stay strong in the Lord, very nice!

    Thank you for sharing!

    God's blessings to you!!!

    Your brother in Christ,

  3. Oh gosh Geaoff, I agree with and felt, every word you wrote here.. was my wish also. Bless you Mate for your heart felt cry. God loves you and walks beside you... you are blessed. Hold His hand, He is your best friend.Crystal Mary

  4. Child of God hi,

    You know, most of the time we write blog posts not realizing that people who are in need will read our words and gain wisdom and comfort from them.
    My prayer for you is, Lord please comfort your child and her son and heal the hurts that have invaded their hearts. We all fail at times in our lives and feel the hurt that comes about in our deepest parts, forgive Lord and heal this particular hurt before it goes on for much longer. Thank you Lord, Geoff.

    Lon hello,

    I'm not exactly a strong person, well not compared to some people I know, but I trust in the great mercy and forgiveness of God. As far as I can tell he has no desire for the destruction of any man, He would rather he repent and live (Ezekiel 18 verses 21 to 23)
    I must trust Him because I too need him in my life.
    Thanks for the visit and may Jesus take you by the hand and whisper in your ear that you are His friend.

    Hello Crystal Mary,

    Aren't you glad He holds your hand when you go walkabout? Especially now that you have new knees. I know just how lost we can become when we don't have friends to council us but in truth God himself bends down to lift us to His cheek in love and friendship.
    Thanks for your kind words, may the Lord bless you with a speedy recovery and many hours in His presence, Geoff.

  5. Amen. I am so grateful that the Lord will never let me go, no matter what happens in my life He will be there for me. Thank you so much for this post. God bless, Lloyd

  6. Yes, you really are ministering to people--with love, understanding common sense, expierence, and sometimes humor.

  7. Lloyd, that understanding is probably the greatest bringer of peace to anyone's life, The knowledge that things are right between you and God. Jesus made that possible, He showed us that we are forgivable and highly valued. Imagine what sort of hope you would have if He had not done what He did, Reconcile man to God? Hmm.
    Thanks, your words are too kind and yes I do hope that anyone reading my posts will come away encouraged.
    Sometimes humour? Hump! I thought all my posts were hilarious he he . No, just kidding, I just write the way I think and if that SOMETIMES tickles your fancy then I suppose that's cool.
    And so bless you Joy and you too Lloyd, Geoff.