Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pyramids and Unexplained Mysteries

Pyramid hot house built 5 years ago in England
Erich Von Daniken, Now there is a name I remember from way back when. I started reading his books in about 1973 shortly after our return from Zambia. Probably his most successful book was "Chariots of the Gods" now in it's 44th printing. His writing was about the possibility of alien intervention in human affairs in the long distant past. Well this got me thinking about all sorts of things, one of them being the unexplained phenomena associated with the pyramids. Things like the ability to re sharpen razor blades amongst others. Over the past number of years I've wondered about this and have recently started looking for anything anyone else has written about these phenomena, I was surprised to find that certain scientific organizations have done some pretty extensive research into them. There are a lot more unexplained things associated with pyramids than I at first realized. Things like phenomenal crop yields and changes in carbon resistance to name just a few.
I began by typing "Pyramid effects" into Google and found stacks of stuff on it, I was amazed. One thing I was thinking about was building a small replica of the pyramid of Khufu, the most studied of all the pyramids that exhibit these strange effects. I wanted to find someone who had built one and pick their brains as to the validity of the claims I had read about and came across a chap in England by the name of Christopher.
Here's a link to his website,  he's an architect and designs and builds homes and hot houses based on this amazing shape.  We have been sending each other e-mails and he has given me a lot of help in my search. Christopher,s homes are designed for healing purposes and are amazing, I love them.
This really started out as a search for anything that could help me in my search for a way to harness power form the universe since I believe we live in an electric universe and are surrounded by immense sources of power that are at out disposal if we can just find a way to harness them. Sort of like Nicola Tesla, a Serbian American inventor from the early 20th centuary. It's funny how you start looking at something in the hope of finding something useful and land up finding a whole universe of possibilities.
Quite honestly I don't care who built the pyramids nor do I care about when they were built, I'm far more interested in the weird anomalies that manifest themselves in connection with them.
I'v added a link to a page I found, one of the first ones I looked at in fact, written by Dr Volodymyr Krasnoholovets, one of the top theoretical physicists at the Institute of Physics in the Ukraine. Absolutely fascinating and well worth reading.
I don't know what it is about these pyramids that cause these strange effects nor do I know who built them or where they got the knowledge but I do know that this is something that no one has been able to explain comprehensively so far,
Some intricate carpentry

I wonder whether Moses ever entered the great pyramid, he was after all the adopted son of Pharaoh.
This subject has given me much to think about and to tell the truth it is good to be inspired again.
Hopefully I will do a bit of experimenting with pyramid shapes, there are a few things I would like to try. For example, I have a cat who isn't doing very well at the moment and I would like to see if pyramid treated water will help her. You never know until you try, right?
Anyway I will keep you informed, it could be interesting.
the hothouse in the first picture being built
Lots of love, Geoff.


  1. Hmmm... this is very interesting. Never thought much about the 'pyramid effect' before, although I have heard some about it. Must check out your links... At first, I thought maybe you were going to say you were thinking of sticking the cat under your pyramid. (smile).

  2. You make me laugh, There is apparently an open sided type pyramid that someone I know's cat does, by choice, sleep under but it can get out whenever it wants to. Ha, Ha, Ha.