Friday, October 28, 2011


I went for a walk with my friend Marie yesterday along the beach here near Melkbos. Marie and I have been friends ever since I arrived in Cape Town at the end of 1991. It's been 20 years now, Wow! She's always been a good friend, no matter what I was going through, and hopefully I've been as good a friend to her.
The sea was very rough, in fact very very rough. It was like someone had taken a piece of paper, crumpled it up and then animated it. But despite the conditions there were still surfers out there riding the waves and generally haying fun. It wasn't very windy so I think the sea conditions are left over's from a storm we had a day or two ago. The tide was high too so we had to walk along the edge of the sand on the grass embankment. It was fun having to run up the beach to avoid getting swamped by the incoming waves, lots of laughs and fun.

A little while ago she went up the hill with me for the first time and since she spends most of her time sitting behind a computer you can imagine what an opportunity this was for her to get a little exercise. We had a great time, not rushing but not taking it too easy either, just spending time in each other's company talking about our lives.
Sometimes people come into our lives for a reason, sometimes a season and then there those who come into our lives for a lifetime, Marie has been a lifetime friend and as far as I can tell will continue to be just such a person. I was only 36 when I met her and now, twenty years down the line,we are still close friends.
We will probably go for a walk in Newlands Forrest on the slopes of Table Mountain next, I'm looking forward to it, I've never been to Newlands forest despite the fact that I've lived here for such a long time. I'm told there are lots of mushrooms here and I find that intriguing, I like to take pictures of them, they make interesting subjects.
May the Lord bless not only Marie but our friendship too. Marie is a dedicated Christian and in the past, when I've been struggling with some aspect or other in my walk with God, Marie has always been there to give sound advice. God bless you Marie, Geoff.


  1. Geesh... 71 Followers and where are they when it's time to comment??? ;)

    Hi Geoff. Hope you had a great weekend. Good friends are wonderful to have. Share your troubles, your hurts, your happiness, your fears. Good to have someone who accepts you just the way you are, and keeps coming back for more!

    The shore looks wild and wooly. I love to hear the sound of the ocean, and look at that sunshine! What a great day for you and Marie.

    Your planned venture into the forest sounds interesting. How will you travel to Table Mountain (in the background, correct?) I know you'll be on water, but is it by boat or by ferry?

    What else is new around the hacienda?

  2. Hey Geoff... IDEA: I'll comment on your blog and you comment on mine. We'll both be happy! Oh wait, that's what we do anyway.

    Thanks for stopping by my place. ;)

  3. It is what we do, you're right. I had problems posting comments yesterday on a few blogs but not yours.
    Anyway, you have a great day today and I'll pop over later to see what You've been up to. Enjoy.

  4. I am so glad you have Marie. You know I believe we meet soul mates that we can be very close friends with even if not in a marital situation...I also believe the reason for this is a spiritual one, we don't know everything about where our spirit is, before we are born.. Yet are our soul mates spirits we know in heaven before our birth to earth??? I do not believe in reincarnation, yet I wonder about this. Have youi ever met someone that you have an instant repore with? I have..and its an amazing feeling. You just know and love them. Hugs.

  5. It is wonderful to have a true friend!!!

    Thank you Geoff for following my Christian blog and for stopping in . . . as well!!!

    God's blessings to you and your friend!!!

    You really do have a nice blog here!!!

  6. a walk by the beach is always good irregardless the weather. walking with a good pal makes it almost perfect!

    love the second picture. its really awesome.

  7. Crystal Mary,
    Thanks for stopping by and raising some interesting thoughts. Where is our spirit before we are born and in what state is it? Do we have acquaintances prior to being born that are with us wherever we are? Hmm, interesting paradigm.
    Hugs to you too my friend, I'll pass on a hug to Marie next week when we go for our next walk, in the forest
    God bless, Geoff.
    Hello my friend, I've been reading your blog posts and find them most interesting. I will pass on your blessing to Marie next time I see her and from me, Thanks.
    God bless you old chap, Geoff.
    I like walks on the beach too but since I live on a farm I don't mind where I walk, deep canyon, coastal forest, arid desert, high mountains. We live in an awesome world and I'm one of those fortunate enough to spend a lot of time out doors. I love it.
    God bless you young lady, Geoff.