Thursday, September 22, 2011

Work in Progress

For what I'm about to receive make me truly grateful Lord, in Jesus's name, amen.
This is the prayer I've said whenever I've been about to put something into my mouth since I was a child. For most of those years I've not understood what it means to be "Truly grateful." Things have changed now though, now I am truly grateful. Six months ago I couldn't afford even one slice of bread, now I can buy a whole loaf and even share with those who can't.
There was a time when I didn't know that God was answering my prayers, now I see things differently, I know when He is bringing things about in answer to my prayers. Let me give you an example of what I mean. I'll tell you about my little car and how the Lord answered my prayers.
Some of you know that I've been having a few difficulties getting to work lately and that car problems have been plaguing me for the last couple of months, they just seem to give up the ghost and die. Catching the bus to work has presented it's own set of problems, I have needed to be at the bus stop before 6.45 in the morning which means I have to leave home at 5.30 and walk about 1 km to the main road. If I arrived late I would miss the early bus and then only arrive at work 3 hours later. It's been an absolute pain and getting home has been just as slow and painful. Well a few weeks ago I was talking to the Lord and saying I needed a new car, or at least one I could rely on not to break down and He has answered my prayer.
After the car that Wynand my friend lent me finally died, I asked the lord to please help me get a new one so I could get to work, I was talking to him one morning while walking to the bus stop. I also reminded him that in his word he says that anything I ask in his name he says he will do, John 14 verse14. As can be imagined I wasn't really expecting anything to happen, I was kind of resigned to struggling and since I've been without a reliable car for many years now, I was just talking for the sake of talking. I don't have anyone else to talk to so I talk to the Lord whenever I have things on my mind. Anyway, on this particular morning my Daughter Shelley called me and told me she was selling her car, one that I knew and really liked but didn't have the money for. She sent me an e-mail with the details and a few pictures and asked me if I knew anyone who wanted a second hand car. I knew Wynand was looking for a new car and could afford the 24 thousand rand she was asking so told him about it. He wasn't interested. I had been speaking to a friend of mine, Gerald, about getting the Mini I have into roadworthy condition and had arranged to get it to his spot so he could start working on it. I think it was going to cost about R20 000.00 to sort out. That's a lot of money but I could pay for the repairs over a period and not all in one go. It would take a month or two to finally be able to use the mini but that was alright, I could cope with the bus in the meantime. But then after arriving at the farm one evening after having just spent three hours on the bus, I got sick of it. I gave Shelley a call and asked if she would be interested in selling her car to me, I would have to pay it off over a period though. She was thrilled. "I would love you to have it but I need to pay my credit card off so I can't give it to you. I don't have any problem with you paying it off, that's fine, but how will you get it down to Cape Town?" she asked. "I'll fly up and drive it down over a weekend." I told her. Answer to prayer number one.
I paid seven thousand into her account and was intending to get it all paid off before flying up to collect it. That, to me, seemed the right thing to do. I was walking to the bus stop again the other morning and as I was walking along I said to the Lord, "Please make a way for me to get to Johannesburg Lord so I can get Shelley's car." That morning I wasn't late for the bus but only arrived at work about five minutes before before I was meant to be there. I gave Philip, my boss, a ring to arrange certain deliveries to site and in the process told him about the car and needing to go to Johannesburg to collect it. His reply was, "We will fly you up, there are a few things you can take care of while you are up there." Answer to prayer number two. So last week on Wednesday I flew up to Johannesburg.
I'm going to have to continue this post this evening. It's time for me to go to work and I've been working on this post for quite a while now. I was too tired to write last night so I got up at 3am and started. I will be editing and adding pictures tonight, sorry about that. God bless, Geoff.


  1. Wonderful story, anxiously waiting for the rest. So happy for you. God bless.

  2. Hi Geoff, sorry I haven't been around lately but I've been sort of down.
    Anyway, I'm here now and can't wait to read the end of your story. I have always believed that God would take care of anything that I need.
    Love Di ♥

  3. Oh Geoff, I am praising God with you, please take a photo of it and post on here to share with all your friends.. God does answer prayer. I am so happy for you. Blessings CM

  4. A very wonderful and heartwarming story! I am happy for you!

    I have had the joy of learning that the times I am most honestly appreciative and thankful to the Lord for my blessings (and even those things that I don't even know are blessings yet) is the times when he seems to hear my prayers and answer them most sincerely.

  5. Geoff... I just had the idea that your title here is quite appropriate as I imagine you are 'in progress with your work'! Hope the construction project has finished successfully... but now, you need more work. Here's sending (all the way from U.S.A.)prayer your way for continued employment and spiritual and relational success in your life. Looking forward to hearing more about what has been going on in your life.

  6. Time to answer all these comments. Joy's last comment has shown a remarkable degree of perception. Yes the construction job has come to an end and I am indeed trying to find work. I have also been having a troubling time spiritually, not that I've had any problems with believing in God or Jesus, just myself.We do seem to go through these times of drought sometimes don't we? I've been thinking about you quite often lately, not quite sure why, but was very happy to see your comment this morning, thanks Joy, not only for your comment but for your prayers and friendship too.
    One Woman's Thoughts,
    One of the things God can't stand is mumbled prayers. Many times in my life I would rush through a thank you prayer not really recognising just how much I had been blessed, mumbled prayers. Now when I want to thank the Lord, I first take a good look at what I'm thanking Him for and what it would mean if things were different, and then thank Him sincerely. He really does bless me, a lot and anything I ask of Him he will do. It's quite scary sometimes. I don't deserve such intimate attention from anyone let alone God who created the whole universe.
    Crystal Mary,
    Thank you for being happy for me, I do so appreciate it. Yes I will put some pictures in my next post, amazing things happened in Johannesburg and on the way down and I've got pictures. Cool hey?
    And yes God does answer prayers, no doubt about it.
    I understand more than you could possibly imagine. There have been times when I've just not been in a blogging frame of mind too. I also get down sometimes and at times like that all I want to do is curl up with a good book and stick to myself. I may still read other peoples posts but don't always feel like commenting, it happens, but I do like to hear from you. There is someone else who has disappeared from the blogging scene, "Life Goes On" and I miss her friendship too but you are still around and I'm glad. Don't be too down, you are loved you know, by God himself. How about that?
    Thank you everyone for your comments, I'll try to keep up with all of you more regularly now that I'm not working 9-5 any more.
    God bless, Geoff.