Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Very Long Drive

It's 10.22 pm and I've just arrived from Johannesburg with my new car. Yippee! I left this morning at half past six and have been driving virtually non stop since, excluding two or three stops for petrol that is. 1485 killo meters or to put it in miles, very nearly a thousand miles. I had a whale of a time.  I've had a really rough time with wheels lately but that seems to be over, at last. I bought my daughters little VW golf. Neat hey?
I'll sit down tomorrow and tell you all about how the Lord brought this about, it's really quite a story.
Tune in tomorrow evening for the whole story.
It's nice to be back home again and it's nice to be back at my computer so I can blog again..


  1. WELCOME HOME! (Had to shout, you know.)

  2. Oost west thuis best/ welcome home. And a nice car!