Wednesday, August 24, 2011

All in God's Time

Time to get over this lack of motivation. For a while now I've been wanting to write another post but haven't had all that much to write about. Oh, I've lots going on but not everything is worth talking about. I really like writing about positive experiences I've had and, writing about stresses I've had to deal with just doesn't turn me on, they've already been dealt with so what's the point. So today I think I'll talk about the weather, a nice safe subject.
We at the moment are in the heart of winter and it's cold. Here our rainy season of course is in winter just like the Mediterranean. In summer things dry out and for months everyone just wants a little rain, as you can imagine, just a little so the ground stops being so dusty. Well when it does start to rain it rains for months, not all the time of course, there are those beautiful winter days when there is no wind or rain, the sky is clear and the sun on ones back is so relaxing. Sometimes this can go on for a week or two, Cape Town's secret season, but when the rain does set in again it gets very cold and very wet, mud everywhere. There is an upside to all this talk of rain and cold, I'll show you what I mean.
Oh by the way, we drive on the left side of the road in this country and the driver sits on the right side of the car. This shot was taken on my way home this evening, the view going the other way is amazing but in the early morning it is still too dark to see these beautiful fields of canola. I think they extract an oil from these plants called canola oil, they use it in margarines and other food stuffs.   The picture in the mirror is looking south and was taken at about five in the afternoon.

Looking north, it's a little darker even though the sun is more northerly in winter. Everything turns green at this time of the year and nature drinks in all that it can hold because the dry season will be long and hot. Birds come from Europe to breed here, Egyptian Geese come in pairs with raucous cries to announce their arrival, laying claim to their own spots with elegant displays of aerial acrobatics in pursuit of invading competition. Swallows arrive in their thousands to rebuild their mud huts that were abandoned last year when they went home to their northern territories.
Ducks and geese build nests and everyone on the farm waits with baited breath for the arrival of the new members of the family. Males trudge around gloomily while the ladies sit patiently on their eggs keeping them warm. The male swallows dart through the air catching titbits to take home to their true loves while they keep the house clean and warm. And of course the undergrowth begins to fill up once again with likens and mosses with all the smaller plants taking full advantage of the lack of leaves above.
Flowers rear their lovely heads and life on the farm takes on new meaning as spring progresses, but we are still in that time when creatures huddle together to stay warm on cold nights.
The birds still have a while to sit on their nests before that faint tapping begins from under their downy bellies.
In the meantime dads still plod around forlornly while the undergrowth provides plenty of opportunities for those inclined to a less vegetarian diet. Wild things grow on and God takes care of them, readying them for what lies ahead.
And as the sun sets on another day, Geoff relaxes in a nice hot bath resting his weary frame after another tiring day building his ant hill.
Thank you Lord for another day to marvel at your amazing creation.


  1. Your winter is ending and your spring coming while here in Michigan in the USA our summer is ending and our fall is coming. You have new life coming, rebirth, and we have the harvest and the beautiful colors of autumn. Leaves of gold, green, yellow and oranges. I will pots a picture when the season is at its peak.

    There is beauty in every season if we are aware, just as every life has meaning and beauty.

    A lovely post and your photos oof the animals were most enjoyed.

  2. Jess,
    Thanks for popping in, will come to visit as soon as I get a moment, off to work right now to work on my ant hill :) God bless, Geoff.

    One Woman's Thoughts,
    You'r winters are considerably more severe than our's, we don't have sub-zero temperatures the way you do but further inland it does get very cold.
    Some of the most beautiful photographs I've seen of the USA have been shot at harvest time, vast rolling plains with tiny machines working in curving lines. Very beautiful and the colours of the trees are enough to inspire the most particular of artists.
    Yes, every season has it's beautiful side and at the same time it's most trying side, Just like us. Interesting isn't it.
    Thanks for the visit and may the good Lord bless you today, Geoff.

  3. I loved your picx. Here in the USA, summer is ending but its still very much HOT!!!

  4. Amazing photos! I just love them. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Really nice photos Geoff, nice sunset, looks peaceful and quiet.

    I take photos while driving also. Scared myself a couple times too, nearly went off the road.