Sunday, August 07, 2011

A Spiritual Network

There are things that really amaze me, mostly because they are totally unexpected. The other night someone arrived at the farm with a pizza for me because she had seen me having my car towed, because of a broken radiator hose, and felt sorry for me. Not only was the pizza completely unexpected but the this particular woman coming round to deliver it was so out of character too. We hadn't seen each other for about three months but while I was waiting to be towed I had been thinking about her and was wondering how she was doing.
She needed prayer and asked me the next day to pray for her when I called to thank her for the pizza again. We seem to have a spiritual connection with people we know that gets messages through to them long before we even try to call them.
Let me tell you about another incident that took place a few years ago.
I have a friend with whom I've been friends for about twenty years now. Well, one day, it was a Saturday, I was wandering around the farm feeling very lonely and in need of some company. I was talking to the Lord as I so often do and asking Him to send someone to collect or call me, someone completely unexpected like this friend of mine. We hadn't seen each other or contacted each other for more than eight months. That day no one called me or came to fetch me but the next day while walking back to the farm from church I got a text message, "Geoff are you OK? You were on my mind the whole day yesterday." Guess who it was from, the very friend I had asked the Lord to send for me. This woman is a dedicated Christian and when I told her about what I was praying about the previous day all she said was, " I've got to listen more carefully to the Holy Spirit. He was obviously telling me to call you."
God is amazing and He showed me again this weekend just how attentatively He listens to us. I can't explain this connection except to say what Jesus said, "We are one." Paul also put it very nicely in saying we are all parts of the same body. "So all of us, united with Christ, form one body, serving individually as limbs and organs to one another." Romans 12 verse5.
Do you sometimes find yourself thinking about someone and then they arrive or call? I do, often.


  1. Yippie. First again...(Doesnt' take much to entertain me!)

    I have been thinking about my brother for the last two days, thinking I should call him. I arrive home today and see on the answering machine, he called me. Another really cool thing that happened a few years ago: We were landscaping our yard, and Handyman had pulled a large bush root out of the ground with his semi-tractor (a truck) and a chain. It was very heavy and I said, "Now we just need someone to lift this into the pick-up bed..." IMMEDIATELY--and I do mean right away, Geoff, a man drove up the street on a tractor with a lift bucket on the front. We waved him down, and he scooped up the root ball, and dropped it into the back of the pick up.

    Handyman and I have a spirtual connection also--so many times, even from the first when met, I will be thinking about him, and he will call me, or the other way around. I'll even do this on purpose sometimes, really concentrate on him, and then he calls.

    Or even like tonight... I thought to myself: "Hmmm... it's been a week now since Geoff has posted, and he'll have to be getting back to work, so I bet he's written a new post...I'll check..." (smile).

    Have a good and blessed week, Geoff!

  2. That doesn't happen to me too often. It has a few times. I really enjoyed this post Geoff and how nice that someone else was concerned about you. That is special. Love Di ♥

  3. We are always heard by our God!Ciao Geoff.

  4. I have certainly had this happen. Many times in fact. Though I've never had anyone deliver a pizza out of the blue--I would love to have a pizza.

    Tossing It Out

  5. Joy,
    thanks for thinking about me, I think about you often, not sure why but I do.
    This is something that happens to me often, it amazes me, big time. It's been happening for years.
    I'm glad you enjoy my posts, it means a lot to me. Yes it is nice to have someone concerned about you, especially when you live alone. It's kind of humbling actually.
    Yes I know, absolutely amazing isn't it. Just when you think you are all alone He lets you know that He is always with you.
    I've had someone arrive at my door with loaves of bread and fresh vegetables too, just when I need them the most. This was someone I hadn't spoken to for more than 8 months.
    To all of you, God bless you all and may He reveal his care for you in ways that will astound you. Lots of love, Geoff.

  6. Yes, I have had some of the same experiences.
    I have had much on my mind and heart lately and I have found myself praying a little extra to the Lord. He is always listening and has answered some of my prayers already. He often comes to me through people that I sometimes least expect it from. Faith . . . it often cannot be seen, heard, felt or tasted and yet it is as strong as we believe it to be.