Friday, August 12, 2011

When You Mean What You Say

 This is a picture I took on my way home this evening. Isn't it just beautiful. I should have been on the bus but my boss insisted I take his wife's car home, he called her and told her my car had expired and he didn't think it right that I should have to catch multiple busses to get home. Thank you Phillip and Catherine.
What do you mean you car expired? 
Well a friend of mine lent me his car, to get to work and back, which was very considerate of him, but this car is in such a terrible state that I think it is time for retirement quite honestly. Anyway, last night on the way to bible study I was praying to the lord and said," Lord I love you and whatever happens I will still love you." I don't think it was even a minute later and the car died. No lights, no ignition, nothing. I opened the bonnet and there was smoke pouring out of the battery and since I had absolutely no tools with me with which to disconnect it, I just had to stand there and watch. Oh well, here we go again.
You see, the night before, I had opened my bible and there was this verse from the book of Luke, " Simon, Simon, take heed; Satan has been given leave to sift all of you like wheat; but for you I have prayed that your faith may not fail; and when you have come to your self, you must lend strength to your brothers." verse 31 and 32. Now if you are anything like me you will understand when I say I tried to skip on saying to myself, "No, I don't want to hear that, I've had enough sifting, thank you very much." You see I knew He was telling me that things were going to get a little tough again.
This post I started writing last night but got so tired I decided to take a nap before I continued. I woke up again at about 3.30 am and was in no mood to continue writing so I left it for today. And the saga continues.
Now I told you that my boss had insisted that I take his wife's car home and I did. I was so grateful and all the way home I kept on telling the Lord that I was indeed very thankful. This morning on the way to work a light came on on the dash and the car lost all power. The fastest I could get it to go was about 10km per hour and in rush hour traffic this is not a good thing, to say the least. The engine has a computer management system that cuts fuel supply if there is anything wrong. It took me ages to get to work and when I did eventually get there, I found that the cable that opens the bonnet had come adrift too and I couldn't get the thing open. It never rains but pours. Of course when I left home this morning I was once again saying to the Lord, "Whatever happens I will always love you."
This afternoon Philip asked me to take the car to Table View which is just down the road from Melkbos. The car started and seemed to be behaving itself until I got onto the freeway and then it started all over again. Well I couldn't get to Table view and had to pull off the road and wait for him to phone me. He was at a funeral and would only be able to contact me once he realized I wasn't where he had asked me to be. I sat there for hours. They eventually got hold of me and had to come tow me to a garage where the car could be repaired over the weekend. I'm home now and it is the weekend and so have time to try get things sorted out with my friend's car. Thank you Lord for bringing me home safely.
Lord Jesus I love you and no matter what happens I will continue to do so. What would we do without the love of God to carry us through times like these? Although I've told you a little about the car problems I've been experiencing, there is a lot of stress at work too about which I've not written. However, I'm at peace with what is going on because I know that God is in control.
Persevere with God and you will have reason to smile in the face of adversity because it is only testing to see whether you really do mean what you say. And I do. I love you Lord no matter what.


  1. Hi Geoff. I prayed for your situation. I hope something develops over the weekend and come Manic Munday, you'll have a 'new' set of wheels to whisk you off to Labour Land. I don't mean to make light of your situation--I can identify with it as I have my own collection of car horror stories and none of them were fun. These are the sort of problems that send me scurrying to bed to pull the covers over my head and hope for a better tomorrow. I hope (and pray!) a better tomorrow will soon break on the horizon of Geoff's World!

  2. Hang in there! I hope everything works out for you soon. I'm sending prayers from across the Atlantic!

  3. Just a quick comment before I leave to go look after my friends kids while attends to a patient.
    I'm not bummed out about this. It's cool.

  4. Amen! Hang in there brother Geoff. You can do all things with Christ who strengthens you :-)


  5. Dear Geoff you own a beautiful serenity of 'mind, God will always be near!

    P. S. You should never trust machines!!

  6. Beautiful post! I really enjoyed it!

    I've got an award for you on my blog so come check it out!

  7. I am keeping you in my prayers dear Geoff. It seems like it all falls down at once doesn't it?

    I have prayed for most of my life, but I have really only learned in the last few years that I wasn't praying as well as I should/could be.
    I seemed to be always asking and waiting, for myself and others. But in the asking, I sometimes didn't believe that God would really answer. . . . now I pray and believe with all my heart and soul, and I also know that God likes to not only give, but to teach. And everything in his infinite time and wisdom.
    May God smile upon His servant Geoff and bring you many blessings in your time of need.

  8. I enjoyed your story, you have a way of telling that keeps me through every word. But of course it is not that I enjoyed what has happened. Everything is in God's control, we must plan and work, and close it with a prayer and go with our trust in God.

  9. Sending prayers your way!!

  10. Well, what's the latest? Any wheels?

  11. Hoping you are okay, Geoff. Haven't seen hide nor hair of you lately... ;)