Sunday, July 03, 2011

Vox Kilimanjaro trip 2011

Above the clouds.
I'm going to let the pictures tell their own story.
Arrival in Tanzania

Kilimanjaro from the air.

Summit glaciers
Destination, Summit.
James and Coleen
Intrepid adventurers
More than a pretty face

What am I doing?


  1. Your photos are great and funny, congratulations !!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wonderful photos!
    My heart and spirit are envious, excited and appreciative of their accomplishments. I am in such awe of them and love the idea of people having the strength and determination to be pioneers of body, mind and spirit.

    I know that such a trip would be much more challenging than I think I would be ready for.

  3. These are beautiful pictures. I totally love the picture 'above the clouds'.

    What a wonderful experience, I wonder if they have plans for Mt. Everest? :)

    Thanks for sharing this photos.