Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Short Update

I'm sitting here in front of a blank screen wondering what on earth to write. My throat is so sore that swallowing cough mixture is painful, my body aches all over and I have a headache second to none. Yep, I've got flu. The only way I can, in my estimation, get writing is to start and let it come naturally. So that is what I'm doing.
I started this post yesterday afternoon intending to find something to write about but, after having problems uploading a picture, gave up and just read what everyone else was writing about. Well it's now 4.30 in the morning and I still have the headache and everything else that goes with flu but am ready to try again.
As far as my previous post about divorce is concerned, I spent a little time with the two girls mentioned previously but not enough to really sort things out. We are still friends and things will sort themselves out soon enough. It's going to be alright. They went away for the weekend with their dad and that is good. As far as James my son is concerned, I've only seen him once since he returned from Mount Kilimanjaro. Reading what he has written on Facebook gives me the impression that he is in the process of growing up. He's very busy right now with rehearsals for the musical "Fiddler On The Roof" which goes on stage in September at the Artscape  Theatre. I will come back and give everyone a complete update on how he and Coleen are doing once I spend a little more time with them.
As for me, I'm OK. I have been spending a lot of time reading all of your posts and have left a comment here and there but now I need to start writing again. Sorry about the long absence, I'm still here, just taking a break for a short while. Lousy excuse, I know, but until I get over this flu that's all I feel like doing.
God bless you all, Geoff.


  1. Hi Geoff,
    I am sorry you are under the weather.
    Is your son in musical theater? Wonderful! Professional or amateur?
    My kids did musical theater for many years and it sparked a performer inside of my daughter. She doesn't sing in musical theater anymore but she worships for God. But who knows what the future holds.

    Blessings Geoff I hope you feel better soon.

  2. I hope you feel better soon!!!!

  3. Child of God,
    yes he is. Amateur but in this country that is quite something. Professionals don't come cheap. The Artscape theatre is one of the top theatres in the country and this will be his second one here, the last one was Annie. He sings in church too. I used to sing in the Durban Boy's choir when I was young and also sang with the Drakensberg boys choir. It seems to run in the family. My younger sister sang with the Cape Town symphony choir too.
    Thanks, me too.

  4. Take care dear Geoff, Gargle with salt water and take garlic capsuls, keep warm and drink plenty of fluids. Cold and flue tabs are great also. If you start coughing up a thick yellow or greenish mucous then you will need antibiotics as thats infection.
    I slept in a recliner to keep my chest draining when I had that. It makes you feel so miserable. Try and watch a funny movie and will help your lungs. Blessing Crystal

  5. Sounds like you have what my son and his family had last week--gruesome stuff but thank the Lord it is short-lived. Praying for you.
    Pam at

  6. Hello my sick friend... oh wait, that didn't sound right... I'll start over: Hello my ill friend, I hope you will be feeling better soon. Crystal Mary gave good advice.

    You come from a talented family--here is more interesting information about The Great Geoff! And more blog topics to look forward to!

    Thanks for taking the effort to stop by my blog during your sickness. My California trips were many years ago and I enjoyed being with my friend. I agree with your point about affluence... when your money, possessions, etc. are gone, or when you never had any in the first place, you are in a very humble position and much more apt to trust in God for your needs. Rich folks often times have no need of God, as money has shielded them from problems.

  7. Wow, Crystal gave some good advice. Do what she said and I hope you feel much better soon.

  8. I hope you get to feeling better soon Geoff. Love Di ♥

  9. Hello everyone, thank you for your well wishes. This is going to take a little while to go away. It seems to be something that is going around in circles here. People getting sick and then getting better and then starting all over again.
    Hopefully I will be well enough to go back to work tomorrow, we'll see.
    Just a quick update on the girls, They are well and everything is back to normal again, if such a thing is possible. They spent the weekend with their dad and when it came time to go back to mommy, didn't want to go. It seems to me that girls have a very real relationship with their fathers, more so than boys, although that could be a misrepresentation of the truth. I loved my dad stacks.
    Anyway, between coughing and spluttering the whole week so far, I'm trusting God in the same way I trusted my father as I'm sure all of you do too.
    God bless everyone of you, blessings from me to you, Geoff.

  10. I'm sorry you're sick, hope you can take to heal, good luck !!!!!!!!!!