Sunday, July 03, 2011

No Mojo

I've really not been able to write a post recently, too much on my mind or something. However I have posted some of the pictures James took while they were away. Unfortunately, Coleen's camera was stolen, along with all the pictures so all I have to show are the pictures James took. He was known as the "Paparazzi" by the rest of the group and of course was very popular. By the way, James fell on the summit of Kilimanjaro and came very close to losing his life. I think the prayers that were offered up for them were heard by God himself and honoured. Thank you once again. Enjoy the pictures and until I get my "Mojo" back, as Joy puts it , God bless, Geoff.


  1. LOL!!! Ha, thanks for that one! Yep, gotta get that old Mojo back... You'll wake up one morning and BAM! you've got it!

  2. Oh! Sorry, didn't mean to be so flippant here... after re-reading, so thankful that James' fall was covered by angel's wings. Bummer about the camera thief. Will take a look at the photos.

  3. BTW, Geoff, I noticed the South African flag in a photo of the wedding of Prince Albert and his new wife... thought to myself, "That's Geoff's flag!" Wife is from South Africa, but you probably knew that. Interesting.

  4. So glad James is okay. A little miracle. The pics are great and I'm so glad it all worked out. Your mojo will return. Never fear.

  5. Oh my, so glad that James is alright and had such a close call.
    Losing a camera can be hard but memories can never be stolen.
    Writing is about mojo, and everyday is a day to be lived, and reflected on. The mojo will return and I look forward to your words.

  6. Awesome how supportive you have been of James and Coleen. Thanks for sharing the photos.
    Also, thanks for stopping by my blog and reading my story about Granny. I posted the 2nd part today and will post the conclusion on Friday. So glad your kids are blessed with an ouma like my Granny. What a gift!

  7. No worries, Geoff! Your mojo will be sure to return soon. We all go through those dry blogging spells. I personally like to write from prompts when that happens. My friend Dawn has a blog devoted to prompts at Maybe you will find something there to get the creative juices flowing again.

  8. What a blessing God gave you an ear to hear Him telling you to get prayer warriors!! Praise God James is ok!!
    Coleen's camera being stolen totally drains the trust of some people; how very sad. Well, at least they have James pics.

    Thanks for taking the time to share this with us, I am glad all is well.


  9. OK, I've visited all your Blogs and had a great time reading what you had to say. Now it's time for me to say thanks for all your comments.
    You're welcome. Woke up this morning and BAM, my cat jumped on my head, it got me out of bed real fast as you can imagine ha, ha.
    I'm not that sensitive, I like your comments. James is safe and that's good enough for me, thank you Lord.
    Yes we South Africans are everywhere, it does make me feel good about my countrymen.
    Thanks, me too. I know and I'm not upset about it. A time for reflection and re assessment, that's all.
    One Woman's Thoughts:
    Me too, not about the close call though. Sometimes my children do things that I'm glad they don't tell me about until after the fact. Coleen will get over it, actually she did offer a reward at the time but there were no takers. Oh well time for a new camera, may she choose well.
    Hey you guys deserve to share in their glory, there were so many prayers offered up by all of you that the least I could do was post a few pictures. My blogging friends have been supportive of James and Coleen to a huge degree. I'm humbled.
    I'm looking very much forward to the next instalment of "Pam's Granny" on Friday.
    I do follow Dawn and really enjoy her post prompts too but right now I'm taking a little time out to read what everyone else is writing about too. I'm cool.
    Child of God:
    Praise God. I must tell you that James has been very humbled by this adventure, a good thing in anyone's life.
    James is actually a superb photographer and Coleen will still get them from him. They are great friends and to tell the truth I'm extremely grateful they undertook this together.
    All is well.
    To everyone I would like to say, "Thank you all for your prayers and the way you were there for me when I was in need." God bless all of you, love Geoff.

  10. Re: Mojo
    Since your Mojo has gone missing and until it turns up, maybe you could just tell us more about the farm, the stacks of things you do there, how you came to own your dog, or just some story from the past? How is the construction on the apartment building coming along?

  11. Hi Joy, good idea. This evening I will come home and first write a post about what has been going on for the last few weeks, then I will update my other blog, which I've been neglecting for way too long now. Have a great time today and I will see you later. God bless, Geoff.